The Exquisite Woman

Womanhood is a beautiful creation of Nature. A woman who cares, thinks, feels,nurtures , strives can create a healthy , productive environment. She can atleast be a catalyst in such a creation. A woman can be strong , wise, artistic , ambitious, if she chooses to be.

Very often, there is an unhealthy competition between a full time home maker and a working woman, a stay at home mother and a working mother! Some homemakers take pleasure in belittling a working woman, by taunting her way of managing the home and it’s affairs. Similarly, some working women get a high which is as high as their pay hike by writing off homemakers as a wasted, idle, gossiping bunch of women.

Well, according to me, both the categories of women can be achievers. Their work setting, job description , remuneration , rewards, incentives , targets, goals may differ. But a diligent, wise woman will create wonders in any role. Management is a pervasive- universally applicable concept. So, dear women enjoy your work- be it that of a multitasking home maker or a monetarily earning  working woman. You can be exquisitely expressive in your unique, creative way….The Exquisite Woman of the World.

(In response to Today’s WordPress daily prompt ‘ Exquisite’.)


The Exquisite Woman

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