Aesthetic can be Anywhere….

Aesthetics is a subject, which is studied, researched, discussed in detail . Many books talk about aesthetic appreciation, art and aesthetics, beauty in art and appreciation. The term ‘ aesthetic appeal  ‘ is often  used.

There are many quotations about Art, Aesthetics, Beauty. For example, ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Another famous quotation, ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ”

Aesthetics can exist anywhere. It can appeal to either one or many or all the senses. We have five senses- sight, smell, touch, speech, acoustic. Very often, the sixth sense of intuition is also mentioned. Something can be aesthetic for this sixth sense as well…

Photography is a wonderful medium of capturing the aesthetics. It also has the strength to make something which was less attractive, look more aesthetic.

Similarly, a writer can create an aesthetic world for his /her readers.How deftly, the author uses the words and makes the reader think, feel,act ? How well , the writer stimulates the senses of the reader ?That will depend on the writing skills…

It is also crucial to remember that aesthetics can be relative. It will vary from person to person. A person may find an aesthetic appeal in perfumes, fresh flowers ( His sense organ- nose finds that aromatic, another sense organ- eyes find the flowers, perfume bottles’ shape, colours visually appealing.) His friend may hate the perfumes and not find them to be aesthetic…

Nature lovers will wake up early and  wait patiently for the glorious Sunrise accompanied by the chirping of the birds, in a tourist spot. A late night party lover will love the discolights, the loud music ; these are aesthetic elements for him. The same person can also like  aesthetics in both i.e.- the sunrise and the night party.

So, life is about enjoying the aesthetics, which can exist anywhere…


Aesthetic can be Anywhere….

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