The Overworked Beings…

A mid October dawn,

She was born…

She was the youngest of the four siblings,

She was new to the world’s learnings….

Her parents loved and nurtured her,

Her siblings loved and pampered her…

Her grandmother was her joie de vivre,

Her hard work was her strong l’oeuvre…

Her uncles and aunts were her inspiration,

She was full of aspiration….

She was versatile,

She was agile…

She was good at sports,

She was good at arts,

She enjoyed life with family and friends,

She was quick to make amends….

She was full of zeal,

She studied the science of heal….

Her parents supported her dream of studying medicine,

She  completed the course of medicine.

She was a doctor,

She was a victor….

She married a bright, young doctor from the same city,

For both, hard work was their deity.

They were the children of the city,

They set up practice away from the city…

They gradually adapted to the rural life,

Their life was full of stress and strife.

They examined and heard the patients well,

They diagnosed and treated them well…

They earned respect, fame and money,

They attained their life’s glory.

They met people who admired them,

They met people who advised them.

They met people who envied them,

They met people who helped them….

They were dutiful and doting parents,

They were their children’s guiding and protective pendants….

From private practice, they retired,

But, by then, they were extremely tired….

They had overworked themselves,

They had overstrained themselves…..

In response to the daily prompt ‘ Overworked ‘.

( I dedicate this post to my parents- it’s their story of life 😃 )


The Overworked Beings…

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