The private space….

Privacy is needed for one’s soul, body, mind. It also relaxes, soothes a person. It is every individual’s right. The thought, ‘Live and let live’ addresses in some way , a life of mutual non interference and respect of privacy.

The private space is a person’s zone , which is restricted from the public eye and scrutiny. We guard our rooms with curtains, blinds- to keep away peeping Toms. We make our rooms’ windows soundproof . We have devised many methods of protecting our privacy.

I thought of the keyboard of a desktop- It’s space bar is the biggest key. It occupies the largest space on the keyboard! The creators must have been privacy conscious!

An artist has a moral responsibility of not intruding anyone’s privacy. For example, a photographer , a writer, a painter should take permission from individuals-the ones who are their subjects and models before publishing, documenting, patenting,telecasting a piece of work.



The private space….

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