The Tenacious Ten

‘ Ten ‘ is a number, which has a distinct place in  many fields and subjects like science, technology, mathematics , culture ,astrology, numerology, tarot.

Here is a list of the ten facts about ‘TEN’, which I have observed or read about:

1) Ten is the first two digit number.

Recently, I watched a Hindi serial, titled ‘Amma’ on Zee TV. In a scene, the protagonist recites a Hindi poem. It’s gist: Once all the digits from 0 to 9 were quarrelling amongst themselves. Eachone was claiming to be superior. They condemned 0 and 1. One and zero were sad. They stood next to each other for company. They realized that , as single digits , they are lower in value.But if they form a partnership, stand together, they become TEN- a number higher  in value than 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9!! Forming partnerships can be fruitful at times.

2) Human beings have ten fingers.

3) Ten does not disturb the number’s digits , it multiplies itself with. It simply sits at the end of the row!!!

For example, 10*250= 2500, 10*35=350

4) The concept of ‘Top 10’is popular. Be it top Ten favourite songs, authors, books, actors, the concept is popular.

5) Many subjects have ten alphabets in their spellings. For example, Mathematic, Technology, Psychology, Literature, Handicraft, Statistics.

6) Many clocks’ advertisements display 10:10 as the time in their advertisement.

7) The Ten o’clock Lily is a famous flower.

8) In cricket, the ball cannot be bowled in any over, till the six stumps , four bails( six stumps and four bails total to ten wooden pieces) are not positioned on both the sides of the wicket.

9) I 10 car has come earlier than Apple’s iPhone version of 10! It will be interesting to see how Apple names it that time….

10) In playing cards, Ten is the last card in any series, which is depicted as a number card. The next three cards – The Jack, The Queen, The King are picture cards.

There will be many such facts about ten. I would like to know your observations, research as well..

Happy TenThinking!


The Tenacious Ten

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