Scents and Stories

Nose is our sense organ which senses the smells. Scents fade away after sometime. Yet, there are some odours which sing an ode to our hearts. There are some fragrances which do not fail to take us back to some memories. There are some aromas which roam in our nostrils and nostalgia!

We like some scents. We detest some scents. Some are also allergic to some smells.

I remember the aromatic dishes, my mother used to prepare. Be it during cutting the jackfruit on the ‘vili'( a cutting and chopping tool used in Maharashtra) or the phodni (tempering /tadka),the fragrances used to spread across the rooms, during the different stages of cooking! They were equally sumptuous for the taste buds and the tummy! There is another aroma , which I love-that of ‘L’eau de Cologne’ ( Cologne Water) . It refreshes me.

We tend to associate certain smells with persons,professions, places, plants, trees,processes,animals, birds, flowers and fruits, foods etc.

A hospital is characterized by the smell of Dettol, room fresheners, medicines. A temple has an assortment of fragrances- those of flowers, incense sticks, the burning of diyas and it’s wicks, sandalwood, turmeric, Kumkum. A Mumbai fast food restaurant stores and spreads the smells of hot spices,teary onions, tangy tomatoes, boiled potatoes, gingerly gravies,sweet jaggery,date filled chutnies and chillies’ filled chutneys,purees and pastes, boiled lentils, sour sauces,lemons and kairis( raw mangoes), buttery,oily,ghee filled temperings….Too tempting for the senses!

So enjoy life, it’s scents and stories!


Scents and Stories

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