The cleaning nature

The forces of Nature are great cleaners. The Nature , if not hampered with, will grow, nurture, destroy and clean itself…

When an animal dies in a forest, it is eaten by other animals and birds. The crows,vultures, ants are great scavengers. They are contributors in the cleaning up, disposal, destruction of that, which is dead in a forest….

The sea has the self  washing technique  of waves , high tide and low tide.

Decay, decomposition are processes which are destructive activities , but they clean up the environment. They provide manure, compost , nutrition to the soil and trees.

Water is a great cleanser and solvent. It cleans so many surfaces and things.

Plants ,leaves, flowers and fruits have healing and cleansing properties as well. Turmeric has antiseptic properties, alum is used in filtration of water.

Fossils and Fossil fuels are energy sources. Charcoal is also used in water purifiers.

Lemons , curds have anti dandruff properties. Lemons are used in utensil cleaning soaps and solutions.

There are so many cleaning resources. There are so many cleaning tasks. The will and ability to clean should be there…

But the biggest and challenging task is cleaning one’ s mind of negative thoughts, feelings and memories! That is also possible, nevertheless, with the broom of positivity and work…


The cleaning nature

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