Travel and Reading – Overwhelming Worlds

There are many people who love to travel. They love to explore new lands. Every place has a distinct personality of its own. The geographical location, climate, terrain, soil, flora and fauna, agricultural products, industries, history,languages, religions, communities, races, law and order, administration, arts, sports, lifestyles, habits, values, cuisines, infrastructure, transportation, media, financial setup, distribution, retail, natural resources, politics, dressing, architecture , interior designs are some of the elements of a place ,which are variable in nature. Travellers and readers are overwhelmed by any new , interesting place and book respectively.

I feel reading helps a person to visit the places , which the author has used to express and narrate. The reader can visualize the place, based on the strength of his visualizing skills and the writer’s writing skills. At times, books are a great substitute to travel!

On account of personal and professional commitments, an avid traveller’s travel tours may reduce or stop. Even money can be an issue ,in some cases. But books open a new place, a new world to the reader.

There are some travellers who travel a lot. Yet, they are not satisfied. They want to travel the world. There are some who do it- travel the world. It is a challenging objective. I would suggest that people , who are not able to travel the world, can visit a variety of places. Each place can be a representative of a category. This category can be set by the visitor himself.

For example, if you love water bodies, you can set a category like- Wells, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Sea, Dams, Waterfall, Streams, Brooks, Creeks, Glacier, Snow, Springs, underground springs etc. Accordingly, you can select and plan a trip. For example, if you are visiting a coastal area and  you cover sea, creek, you can tick it off. You can plan the next trip to a place , which has waterfalls.

Photography, writing blogs ,books and diaries,buying books, Momentos of that place, buying some local objects, visiting a local speciality cuisine food outlet, a museum, watching some local art are some ways of experiencing the place of interest and recording it’s information and memories.

So, wishes for an overwhelming travel of the word and the world! 😃


Travel and Reading – Overwhelming Worlds

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