The Reassuring Recognition

I have watched very few Hollywood films. I have grown up watching Bollywood movies. Of late , I have watched some Hollywood films. There was a film titled, ‘ The First Wives Club ‘. It was a film of three friends, their meeting after many years, their supporting one another,their sharing of sorrows and pains,  their partnership to bounce back in a smart, wise manner and kickstart a novel concept. This was presented in a humorous manner. I enjoyed watching the film . I distinctly remembered one of the actresses. She was smart, expressive with a command over her speech, there was poise, grace, charm , an endearing smile. I didn’t know her name.

After some months, I was browsing through a list of movies. One of the topics appealed to me. It was about a successful, experienced,corporate woman who inherits a baby from a relative. I saw the trailer.It was ‘ Baby Boom’. I immediately recognized the protagonist. She was the actress , who played one of the roles in the film ” The first wives club”.

Since I had recognized her , I knew that the film and her performance must be superb. I went ahead, reassuringly, with the viewing of ‘ Baby Boom ‘. I was not disappointed. In fact, these two films were meaningful and humorous at the same time. The actress is none other than ‘ Diane Keaton ‘.

It is amazing to know that recognition of someone’s worth because of his work helps us to develop trust and faith. It  can also improve our decision making. It  helps us in selection, analysis .


The Reassuring Recognition

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