Love the loving lovingly

Love is a feeling. To do something with love is doing it lovingly. When we love someone, we are ready to be with that person through thick and thin, we support him, we appreciate and motivate him, we provide him with a shoulder to lean on, we listen to him, we advise him, offer suggestions, care for him, be strict with him, at times, we do things , which are his favourites and also those things which are good ,right or favourable for him….Though he may not like it….We do all this and much more lovingly because we love him……

Love is a strong,powerful feeling. It can be a great source of strength as well. It can create or destroy…It depends on the person who is in love….

It is important to love oneself. If we love ourself, we will do things lovingly for ourselves, take better care of ourselves, our physical, mental and emotional well being. We will love and live our life in a more fruitful way.

When we love others, be it our spouse, our child, our parents, our siblings, our friends,our relatives or anyone else, many of us tend to naturally expect something from them. We expect to be loved by them. But, idealistically, true love is unconditional,it doesn’t expect in receiving the love in return. True love simply loves and gives. It doesn’t care to know how much it has received. Love doesn’t understand any exchange, any give and take, any mathematics. It is not quantifiable…

When a person does something lovingly for his beloved,he radiates a joy which is immeasurable. When the person also receives love from the person , whom he loves, he also feels the same joy and positivity….

So, just be in love , love life ….


Love the loving lovingly

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