Squatting for good health.

Today’s WordPress daily prompt is ‘ SQUAT’. It made me think about the squatting position.

Squats are an important exercise in the fitness industry. In India, traditionally and in ancient times, people used to squat to pass stool. They were exercising the right method and in a way doing exercise. Even now, there are many households who have a traditional WC known as Indian WC in the latrine. Increasingly, the builders are preferring Western WC s to Indian ones.

I have seen many men who squat during smoking bidis or waiting for some more of transport. Although, smoking bidis is unhealthy for health, this squatting position is healthy!

In a game of cricket,Wicket keepers have to be well groomed in squatting, inorder to outsmart the opposition’s batting. Kho – Kho is another sport, which needs practising squatting position.

So, squatting,if done rightly, is a smart act! 😃


Squatting for good health.

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