Taste needs no translation -The Juicy Sweetmeat

‘Mithais’ and ‘barfis’ are Indian sweetmeats. They are often included in the menu list of celebrations. They are a variety of them. For example, kaju katli ( cashew based), mawa barfi, Bengali sweets like Ras Malai, Chamcham, Malai sandwich, Rasgulla( It traces it’s origin to West Bengal’s neighbouring state Orissa), gulpapdi, sathay ( Maharashtra) and many other milk based, mawa based, dry fruits  and fruit based sweets are available in the Sweetmeat shop across India. Of course, there are many other sweet dishes and desserts , which are prepared in the kitchens of Indian households.

There is one type of barfi , which is available ,mainly in Vidharba region-distict Nagpur of Maharashtra state. That is the famous ‘ Orange barfi ‘ ( Santryachi barfi  in Marathi ). Nagpur is a land of ‘ Oranges ‘. It is known as ‘ Orange City ‘. Orange barfi  has a juicy orange taste with the sweetness of a barfi. Tasting it is a divine experience. This Orange barfi is not easily available or manufactured elsewhere. It is a speciality of Nagpur.

I tasted it for the first time, when our family friend from Nagpur gifted it to us. Later, my parents visited Nagpur for the wedding of our family friend’s son. Without forgetting, my parents bought the ‘ Orange barfi ‘, from Nagpur.

In Nagpuri Marathi, ‘ Mi Santryachi barfi khaun rahili.’ To translate in English, ‘I have eaten Orange Sweetmeat.’Another way of translating, ‘ I have eaten Orange Sweetmeat and it has left behind a taste, which will stay.’ Taste doesn’t need translation. It has to be felt.  Talking of nostalgia, Nagpur nostalgia will be engraved in my memory and the orangish, juicy, sweet taste of ‘Santryachi barfi’ will make its presence felt for a lifetime….😃



Taste needs no translation -The Juicy Sweetmeat

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