A Baby ‘s language….

Recently , I read in a parents ‘ and babies’ website, that maintaining a record of ‘ the way our baby speaks ‘ can be great. I have begun writing it in a notebook which is devoted to my daughter! Some interesting pieces:

The actual word                         Her word

1) Truck.                                     Kuck

2) Banana.                                  Mun

3) Bathroom.                      Bathun

4) Ball.                                  Bui

5) Bulb.                                Bub

6) Shoes.                            Toosh

7) Sunday.                        Dunday

8) Fruit.                             Tuit

9) Chocolate.                  Choci / Coci

10) Mummy.                    Mummy

The intention of documenting these baby language pronunciations is not to mock the baby, but to fondly remember these moments, after they have been forgotten….. Secondly, it may be interesting for my daughter to revisit her childhood , once she grows up….

The babies rock even after we stop rocking their cradle….😃


A Baby ‘s language….

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