The Search of Elixir

Kadambari was a ten year old girl. She was asked to write an Essay on ‘ Elixir ‘ as her school assignment. She searched for it’s dictionary meanings, googled about it. She also wanted to talk to someone about it.

Her grandmother seemed to be an ideal candidate for it. Her grandmother was in her sixties, she was as fit as a fiddle until her fifties. But the last decade was physically very painful for her. She was suffering physically, emotionally, financially- her body used to ache and pain a lot. Yet, she kept herself as active as possible. She managed her home efficiently. She was an excellent planner, executor, hardworking, sincere, disciplined  person right from the beginning. Now,she had to depend on support staff , care givers. Inspite of so many constraints, her grandmother lived a life with a positive attitude. She was a woman of steel. Kadambari visited her grandparents’ place. Kadambari asked her grandmother about the meaning of  ‘Elixir’. Her grandmother smiled and said, ” Relax , Work, Enjoy,Sleep well. Do your duties, job, tasks sincerely. Don’t worry about the result,Do not focus on the possible reaction of people. Don’t waste your time . Avoid gossip. If you lead a creative life, any difficulty will be defeated by you. As the saying goes’ There are no shortcuts to success. ‘ Stop searching for the ‘Elixir’. Discovering , shaping your personality will be the best ‘Elixir’ for you,my dear young lady. ”

Kadambari realized some reasons of her grandmother’s strength. She hugged her lovingly.  Kadambari felt enlightened to understand the ‘ Elixir’ from a philosophical perspective.

The Search of Elixir

The Purple Brinjal

Brinjals have always made me feel that Nature is great. It offers uniqueness and a variety of creation. Brinjals or Eggplants are a source of nutritious minerals and phosphorus. They are characterized by their pleasant purple colour, unusual taste, which can range from slightly bitter to extremely bitter. Apart from that,brinjals are available in different shapes, shades, colours, sizes. Brinjals are known as ‘ Vanga’ in Marathi, ‘ Baingan ‘ in Hindi.

A variety of brinjals ‘ dishes are made too. Gujarati ‘ Undyo’ – a mixture of vegetables will be incomplete without the presence of brinjals. Similarly, ‘ Vangyachay bharit ‘ is impossible without the barbequed brinjal ( bhaajleley vangay in Marathi). The big brinjal is used to make bharit. Brinjals are great part of a team of mixed vegetables dish. They taste delicious with many vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, peas, beans, onions. A gravy or even a filling of coconut , groundnuts, sesame seeds, coriander leaves ( cilantro/ Dhaniya in Hindi) in a brinjal vegetable dish, or stuffed brinjals( bharlay vangay) taste yummy. Brinjals contribute immensely even in a piping hot khichdi ( rice and lentils dish), Rasam, Sambhar, Mixed vegetable rasaa, ( more fluid blends of vegetables’ dishes). A brinjal bhaji or pakoda is worth tasting , even in deep fried category.

Brinjals gel well with many vegetables and spices,

They delight the connoisseurs and gourmets with their presence in many dishes…..

A Thank You to The purple personality of Vegetable Kingdom- Brinjal…. 🍆🍆🍆🍆

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The Purple Brinjal

The Useful Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a mutually beneficial association of two different species or groups. Symbiosis is also an example of interdependence of entities.

Critics , publishers, retailers, media, libraries,promotional agencies , readers  are vital elements of a professional symbiotic system of  an author. The success of an author’s work depends largely on his association, relationship, feedback and support  of these groups. There are others factors too, which are responsible for his performance and the success of his work. But, the above mentioned groups cannot be ignored by him, in this world , if he wants to be commercially successful.

Unbiased Critical reviews , feedback of the readers help him to view his work from different perspectives. Similarly, publishers, editors, retailers, media, libraries,promotional agencies help him to understand the response generated by his work amongst the readers….

Practically,a writer , who accepts and strengthens his relationship with these groups of his symbiotic system develops a greater chance of survival and growth in a highly competitive, vast industry of writing and publishing…

So, Symbiosis can be useful…

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The Useful Symbiosis

The essential ordinary

Ordinary is needed in this world. To be extraordinary in something, first the base should be ordinary. Ordinary is basic. Ordinary is simple. Ordinary is normal, routine, day to day, the mundane.

We need to add colour to the ordinary , inorder to break the monotony. A small, simple act and effort can be rewarding and emotionally satisfying. Smiling faces and helpful hands save the day, often…. They are like an unexpected sunny ,rainbow on an otherwise bleak , rainy day. Spending time with your loved ones, friends, family may be routine , ordinary for some but it is often extraordinarily joyful for the concerned people. Similarly, spending some time of your life in pursuing a hobby, an area of interest can be creatively fulfilling and a source of extraordinary delight for the hobbyist.

So, great is the ordinary , which is a foundation for the extraordinary….


The essential ordinary

The Precious Acceptance

I accept the fact that

I am most answerable to myself, more than anyone else, as this is my life.

I accept the fact that

Life is difficult for most of the earthlings and I am not an exception to it.

I accept the fact that

Education and knowledge, Self Respect and Courage are the most precious qualities of a person, they can’t be snatched or misappropriated by any other person…

I accept the fact that these are my thoughts, though not necessarily agreeable to everyone…😃

I accept the above acceptance whole heartedly…😃


The Precious Acceptance

The Merry Minimal

In kindergarten, we had the concept of greater than, less than, equal to ; it’s  symbols – >, <, = respectively were confusing for me… My mother patiently  explained the concept to me. After many days, I understood the concept.

In life too, we come across situations where this concept is put to use by us. The maximum and minimum is a range of values and levels.

The minimal needs,the concept of minimalism in the Japanese Zen philosophy are aimed at simplifying the complexities of our lives. They are meant to destress us,relax us, channelize our energies in areas in which we can excel, and  which are our interests, with minimal wastage of resources.

Minimal is merry. It is lesser , less bulky. It is  , thus, easier to maintain. An easier maintenance leads to saving of precious resources like time, money and energy.

So , the world of minimalists can be merrier, I suppose…..😃


The Merry Minimal

Luck, life and Playing Cards

Whenever the word , ‘ Luck ‘ appears, the first picture that flashes my mind is a scattered deck of playing cards….

There  are some people who associate playing cards with gambling, and a debt trap. They dissuade and even ban games of playing cards for their children. Personally, I have never gambled any money with any game of playing cards. I don’t advocate playing cards by  gambling money in it. But, the variety of games, if played, can provide some good lessons…

Playing cards and it’s games offer some great lessons of life. A playing cards deck has fifty two cards. There are four groups of cards- Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds.Clubs and Spades are black in color. Hearts and Diamonds are red in color. Each group has thirteen cards. The sequence of cards is from one to thirteen. One is an ‘ Ace ‘. Instead of 11, 12 and 13, there are ‘ Jack, Queen and King ‘.

Symbolically, if we think , Spades and Clubs are the tools, which we need to use in life. A Spade signifies digging into a subject- ‘ investigating the matter, enquiring ,finding details, researching. A Club signifies ‘being well protected, secured, well equipped, Strengthening one’s defense mechanism. ‘ Diamonds are symbols of financial benefits. Hearts are about relationships.

A type of tarot uses playing cards as a deck of tarot. It has its own symbolism and interpretation. The above mentioned symbolism is my interpretation and observation ; it can be different from that of playing cards tarot.

Some learnings from the playing cards and it’s games:

1) There is an hierarchy in the world. Accept it.

2) Every individual has a role to play.

3) Learn to be a good team player.

4) In life, we don’t always get the cards we want. But, we should try to make the best possible use of cards( our abilities and opportunities ). We should always try to win by following the rules ( Rules- through fair means ).

5) Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our cards and analyze the competition as well. Do not expect to know everything . It is not always possible to ask everything. Certain things are meant to be understood from the facial expressions, gestures, body language, moves in the game.

6) There is always ‘next time’.

7) Be a sportsman . Lose with Grace, Win with dignity.

Wish you many ‘Happy playing cards games.’ 😃 ♠♥♦♣


Luck, life and Playing Cards

In the midst of Massive desires

She searches for happiness in the fulfilment of her massive desires,

She chases many joys,

She craves for success,

She aims for perfection,

In a world of strangers,

She is a lone ranger….!

She feels trapped in the midst of her massive desires…

She throws away many of her desires,

She soon enjoys the country’s shires…..

( In response to the WordPress daily prompt’ massive’. )


In the midst of Massive desires

The Recurring Records

Wherever we are,

We are always followed by another ‘ R ‘.

That ‘ R ‘ is records….

Our lives are crowded with records,

Some records strike a chord more than the other records….

Records begin even before a baby’s s birth,

-The prenatal sonography reports, the hospital records,there is no dearth…

The birth certificate is the first official certificate,

It is the beginning of  filling up the records’ crate…

The immunization record, the school admission record, the proof of identity, the proof of residence,

The list , process, procedure begin in the journey of life’s evidence.

The filing and organizing begin in full swing,

The mind relaxes ; it is about to sing….

Then it realizes there are playlists, records, CD records in music as well…

The mind and body want to relax,

There is stress even after paying tax.

It wants to be free of records,

It wants to travel and aboard…

A vacation trip is planned and booked,

But, alas , there are records there too, they simply cannot be overlooked!!!

So, it is wise to like these recurring records, preserve them, organize them and beautify them….

The journal writers would agree….I suppose….😃

( In response to the daily prompt- ‘Record’.)


The Recurring Records