The Exploratory Doubt….

Doubts arise in our minds. They have many questions. If these raised questions are not answered, the doubt will not rest and our mind will also not rest.

The beautiful English language has brought many doubts in my mind. Some of them are funny. Here is a list of some of my doubts with the possible solutions:

1) Why is ” b ” silent in the word ” Doubt “?

A philosophical message- ‘B’ is silent because it wants to inspire us to be silent , when in doubt, but to be there and be attentive and strong.

2) Why is the plural of ‘Hair’ not having ‘s’?

S was lost in the jungle of hair!

3) Why is the ‘tooth’s plural given a special treatment – a different word?

The  ‘ E’ s of Teeth remind us to eat properly as well.

4) Why is there ‘ neigh’ in the word ‘ Neighbour’?

The horses were the closest neighbours.Their stables were the closest. Horses are known to be loyal, caring domesticated animals. So, a hopeful prayer in the word ‘ neighbour’ , that the neighbour would have the amiable qualities of horse.

5) Why is ‘ W ‘ given a cold shoulder in the word ‘write’?

To remind us to look at the word with the ‘W’- Win, to focus on work and win and ignore the cold shoulder treatment, if received, in the process….

The above possible solutions are a result of my imagination.I don’t know the truth value of these solutions. This imagination was triggered by doubt. I want to convey the message that ‘Doubt can ignite imagination, Exploratory research, fact finding, analysis, study. It is a wonderful opportunity to enter new areas..’

So, welcome doubt and listen to it with care….


The Exploratory Doubt….

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