An Abstract Existence

One day, in the kingdom of Grammar, there was a meeting of ‘ NOUNS ‘. Proper noun flashed an appealing solo powerpoint presentation. The Common noun talked about generalizations. The Collective Noun made a team presentation of group behaviour.

It was the turn of Abstract Noun.The Abstract noun stood for the presentation. It had not prepared any notes, any powerpoint presentation or any other obvious demonstration.The Abstract Noun did not speak, did not react, did not act. It simply stood there.  The Nouns waited patiently. Minutes turned into an hour. Yet, the Abstract noun was speechless and still. Rest of the nouns were annoyed. They threw ‘ Abstract noun’ out of the room. Immediately, the nouns suffocated. Their presentation files were blank. They stepped out of the room. Abstract noun was standing there. They immediately felt better and could breathe better. At that moment, the Queen , Her Highness,  The Grammar intervened. She said, ” If you throw away ‘Abstract noun’, you will also die without any delay. ” The nouns were not convinced. Grammar explained, ” Abstract noun is like air and oxygen. It cannot be seen, but it should be everywhere to sustain and nurture life. Actions without thoughts, ideas or values would be like a body without a soul…..Every soul is unique in existence. ”

Rest of the Nouns shook hands with ‘ Abstract Noun ‘ . They have been friends for a long time….

(Fiction- This is my interpretation of the ‘ Abstract ‘.In response to the daily prompt ‘ Abstract ‘. )


An Abstract Existence

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