The Recurring Records

Wherever we are,

We are always followed by another ‘ R ‘.

That ‘ R ‘ is records….

Our lives are crowded with records,

Some records strike a chord more than the other records….

Records begin even before a baby’s s birth,

-The prenatal sonography reports, the hospital records,there is no dearth…

The birth certificate is the first official certificate,

It is the beginning of  filling up the records’ crate…

The immunization record, the school admission record, the proof of identity, the proof of residence,

The list , process, procedure begin in the journey of life’s evidence.

The filing and organizing begin in full swing,

The mind relaxes ; it is about to sing….

Then it realizes there are playlists, records, CD records in music as well…

The mind and body want to relax,

There is stress even after paying tax.

It wants to be free of records,

It wants to travel and aboard…

A vacation trip is planned and booked,

But, alas , there are records there too, they simply cannot be overlooked!!!

So, it is wise to like these recurring records, preserve them, organize them and beautify them….

The journal writers would agree….I suppose….😃

( In response to the daily prompt- ‘Record’.)


The Recurring Records

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