Luck, life and Playing Cards

Whenever the word , ‘ Luck ‘ appears, the first picture that flashes my mind is a scattered deck of playing cards….

There  are some people who associate playing cards with gambling, and a debt trap. They dissuade and even ban games of playing cards for their children. Personally, I have never gambled any money with any game of playing cards. I don’t advocate playing cards by  gambling money in it. But, the variety of games, if played, can provide some good lessons…

Playing cards and it’s games offer some great lessons of life. A playing cards deck has fifty two cards. There are four groups of cards- Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds.Clubs and Spades are black in color. Hearts and Diamonds are red in color. Each group has thirteen cards. The sequence of cards is from one to thirteen. One is an ‘ Ace ‘. Instead of 11, 12 and 13, there are ‘ Jack, Queen and King ‘.

Symbolically, if we think , Spades and Clubs are the tools, which we need to use in life. A Spade signifies digging into a subject- ‘ investigating the matter, enquiring ,finding details, researching. A Club signifies ‘being well protected, secured, well equipped, Strengthening one’s defense mechanism. ‘ Diamonds are symbols of financial benefits. Hearts are about relationships.

A type of tarot uses playing cards as a deck of tarot. It has its own symbolism and interpretation. The above mentioned symbolism is my interpretation and observation ; it can be different from that of playing cards tarot.

Some learnings from the playing cards and it’s games:

1) There is an hierarchy in the world. Accept it.

2) Every individual has a role to play.

3) Learn to be a good team player.

4) In life, we don’t always get the cards we want. But, we should try to make the best possible use of cards( our abilities and opportunities ). We should always try to win by following the rules ( Rules- through fair means ).

5) Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our cards and analyze the competition as well. Do not expect to know everything . It is not always possible to ask everything. Certain things are meant to be understood from the facial expressions, gestures, body language, moves in the game.

6) There is always ‘next time’.

7) Be a sportsman . Lose with Grace, Win with dignity.

Wish you many ‘Happy playing cards games.’ 😃 ♠♥♦♣


Luck, life and Playing Cards

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