The Merry Minimal

In kindergarten, we had the concept of greater than, less than, equal to ; it’s  symbols – >, <, = respectively were confusing for me… My mother patiently  explained the concept to me. After many days, I understood the concept.

In life too, we come across situations where this concept is put to use by us. The maximum and minimum is a range of values and levels.

The minimal needs,the concept of minimalism in the Japanese Zen philosophy are aimed at simplifying the complexities of our lives. They are meant to destress us,relax us, channelize our energies in areas in which we can excel, and  which are our interests, with minimal wastage of resources.

Minimal is merry. It is lesser , less bulky. It is  , thus, easier to maintain. An easier maintenance leads to saving of precious resources like time, money and energy.

So , the world of minimalists can be merrier, I suppose…..😃


The Merry Minimal

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