The essential ordinary

Ordinary is needed in this world. To be extraordinary in something, first the base should be ordinary. Ordinary is basic. Ordinary is simple. Ordinary is normal, routine, day to day, the mundane.

We need to add colour to the ordinary , inorder to break the monotony. A small, simple act and effort can be rewarding and emotionally satisfying. Smiling faces and helpful hands save the day, often…. They are like an unexpected sunny ,rainbow on an otherwise bleak , rainy day. Spending time with your loved ones, friends, family may be routine , ordinary for some but it is often extraordinarily joyful for the concerned people. Similarly, spending some time of your life in pursuing a hobby, an area of interest can be creatively fulfilling and a source of extraordinary delight for the hobbyist.

So, great is the ordinary , which is a foundation for the extraordinary….


The essential ordinary

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