The Useful Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a mutually beneficial association of two different species or groups. Symbiosis is also an example of interdependence of entities.

Critics , publishers, retailers, media, libraries,promotional agencies , readers  are vital elements of a professional symbiotic system of  an author. The success of an author’s work depends largely on his association, relationship, feedback and support  of these groups. There are others factors too, which are responsible for his performance and the success of his work. But, the above mentioned groups cannot be ignored by him, in this world , if he wants to be commercially successful.

Unbiased Critical reviews , feedback of the readers help him to view his work from different perspectives. Similarly, publishers, editors, retailers, media, libraries,promotional agencies help him to understand the response generated by his work amongst the readers….

Practically,a writer , who accepts and strengthens his relationship with these groups of his symbiotic system develops a greater chance of survival and growth in a highly competitive, vast industry of writing and publishing…

So, Symbiosis can be useful…

( In response to the WordPress daily prompt ‘ Symbiosis ‘)


The Useful Symbiosis

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