The Purple Brinjal

Brinjals have always made me feel that Nature is great. It offers uniqueness and a variety of creation. Brinjals or Eggplants are a source of nutritious minerals and phosphorus. They are characterized by their pleasant purple colour, unusual taste, which can range from slightly bitter to extremely bitter. Apart from that,brinjals are available in different shapes, shades, colours, sizes. Brinjals are known as ‘ Vanga’ in Marathi, ‘ Baingan ‘ in Hindi.

A variety of brinjals ‘ dishes are made too. Gujarati ‘ Undyo’ – a mixture of vegetables will be incomplete without the presence of brinjals. Similarly, ‘ Vangyachay bharit ‘ is impossible without the barbequed brinjal ( bhaajleley vangay in Marathi). The big brinjal is used to make bharit. Brinjals are great part of a team of mixed vegetables dish. They taste delicious with many vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, peas, beans, onions. A gravy or even a filling of coconut , groundnuts, sesame seeds, coriander leaves ( cilantro/ Dhaniya in Hindi) in a brinjal vegetable dish, or stuffed brinjals( bharlay vangay) taste yummy. Brinjals contribute immensely even in a piping hot khichdi ( rice and lentils dish), Rasam, Sambhar, Mixed vegetable rasaa, ( more fluid blends of vegetables’ dishes). A brinjal bhaji or pakoda is worth tasting , even in deep fried category.

Brinjals gel well with many vegetables and spices,

They delight the connoisseurs and gourmets with their presence in many dishes…..

A Thank You to The purple personality of Vegetable Kingdom- Brinjal…. 🍆🍆🍆🍆

( In response to the WordPress  daily prompt – Purple )



The Purple Brinjal

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