The Search of Elixir

Kadambari was a ten year old girl. She was asked to write an Essay on ‘ Elixir ‘ as her school assignment. She searched for it’s dictionary meanings, googled about it. She also wanted to talk to someone about it.

Her grandmother seemed to be an ideal candidate for it. Her grandmother was in her sixties, she was as fit as a fiddle until her fifties. But the last decade was physically very painful for her. She was suffering physically, emotionally, financially- her body used to ache and pain a lot. Yet, she kept herself as active as possible. She managed her home efficiently. She was an excellent planner, executor, hardworking, sincere, disciplined  person right from the beginning. Now,she had to depend on support staff , care givers. Inspite of so many constraints, her grandmother lived a life with a positive attitude. She was a woman of steel. Kadambari visited her grandparents’ place. Kadambari asked her grandmother about the meaning of  ‘Elixir’. Her grandmother smiled and said, ” Relax , Work, Enjoy,Sleep well. Do your duties, job, tasks sincerely. Don’t worry about the result,Do not focus on the possible reaction of people. Don’t waste your time . Avoid gossip. If you lead a creative life, any difficulty will be defeated by you. As the saying goes’ There are no shortcuts to success. ‘ Stop searching for the ‘Elixir’. Discovering , shaping your personality will be the best ‘Elixir’ for you,my dear young lady. ”

Kadambari realized some reasons of her grandmother’s strength. She hugged her lovingly.  Kadambari felt enlightened to understand the ‘ Elixir’ from a philosophical perspective.

The Search of Elixir

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