To cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.. An unfair act

In Marathi language, my mother tongue, there is a proverb, ” Dusryanchya chukanvar panghrun ghalnay ” , which means , ” to cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.” Very often, in personal relationships, this takes place. A parent may pamper his child to such a large extent that he will not only overlook his mistakes, but also cover his wrong actions with a blanket of unreasonable explanations and justifications. The same covering can happen in other relationships too. A husband may feel that his parents are always right, even if they are wrong and cover up their wrong actions by criticizing his wife publicly. Similarly, a friend may save his best friend by supporting his false claims before his girlfriend. The list of such examples is endless.

But, how fair are such acts? According to me, they are unfair and wrong. By supporting a wrong act, by blanketing someone’s mistakes, the person is wrongly encouraging the wrong deeds of the person , who is wrong.

A blanket is meant to protect the user from external environmental conditions like cold and provide warmth. At the end of the day, life is also a matter of choices, actions , values…….

These Proverbs, sayings, quotations by wise men and women make sense, very often, in life….


To cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.. An unfair act

The Strengthening Roots

Roots are the base of our identity and existence,

They influence our personalities and substance.

Respecting our roots is beneficial,

Protecting them is equally crucial.

There may be some people and forces who will insult ,abuse and harm our roots,

Weed them from your life and allow fresh , fertile conditions for the roots.

We shouldn’t stop at only admiring our roots,

We should grow  and allow the branches, leaves of our lives

To flourish and nourish, to bow,sway and be full of jives….

We should also take some time out to appreciate others’ roots and growth,

That will keep us modest  and not vain, thereby also enhancing our worth….

So, strengthen the roots…


The Strengthening Roots

The Grays

Medical students diligently study Gray’s Anatomy,

Cooking lovers study Tarla Dalal’s recipes- the delights of the tummy.

Engineering students slog with the theorems and logarithms,

Music students work hard to understand the harems and rhythms.

History students sincerely study the cultures​ and civilizations,

Ornithologists study the vultures and variations,

The studies in various subjects take place,

The grey cells tick and find their place…


The Grays

Kitchen War – Transparent v/s Opaque

Annapurna was cleaning the kitchen platform. Rest of the family had retired to the room.Annapurna arranged the utensils in their place. She completed the post dinner cleaning . Before switching off the lights, she threw a quick , watchful glance at the kitchen. Everything was as per her liking. Satisfactorily, after a long day’s work, she went to her bedroom.

The kitchen was now dark and silent. The clock struck twelve. Out came the glasses, plastic bottles, ceramic mugs, stainless steel spoons and the melamine plates. The teflon cooking utensils, the saucepans, the copper bottom stainless steel vessels slowly moved towards the daily nocturnal gathering of kitchen Ware.  Today, the topic of debate was ‘ Transparent v/s Opaque.

The wooden shelf was the moderator. Glassware ,plastic ware were favouring the group of ‘ Transparent ‘. Stainless steel, woodenware, ceramicware, teflon coated utensils were in the other group of ‘ Opaques ‘.

The discussion began:

Transparents :  We are convenient to use. The user understands what is inside us, without opening the lids.

Opaques : We provide mystery and privacy.

Transparents : We are elegant, stylish and in Vogue.

Opaques : We are simple and can be sleek too…

Transparents : We are easier to wash.

Opaques : We may be a bit harder to wash, but we are more durable , long lasting  than the transparents.

Transparents : Not necessarily…

Opaques : Prove it…

Transparents : A glass picked up a steel spoon and hit the ceramic mug of the Opaque group. The mug howled in pain. It’s handle had broken. In the attack, the glass had also developed a minor cut.

The Wooden Shelf – the moderator stepped in.

The Wooden Shelf : No violence.

He dropped a glue tube .

The group members used the glue to stick the broken handle of the mug. The glass piece was also restored.

The Wooden Shelf : We need to live peacefully and harmoniously . We are interdependent. If we fight and destroy one another, there will be no food stored, cooked or served.

The glass regretted it’s impulsive, violent act. It asked for an apology. The mug  and everyone else forgave the glass. The mug went near the glass , tenderly shook hands with it . The Wooden Shelf said ‘ Cheers’. Everyone laughed. All the kitchen wares got back to their respective places in the kitchen.

Annapurna woke up at dawn. She switched on the kitchen light. She was making tea, when she saw  the glue tube, lying on the kitchen platform. She said to herself, ” Oops, Munni forgot to keep the tube in its place. There is a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place- the universal management principle, when will my darling daughter – a brand manager learn???!!! ”

The Kitchen Wares heard silently and winked. These human beings will never hear our secret meetings ….Was their unanimous thought…..!!!!





Kitchen War – Transparent v/s Opaque

The jolted colt

It was an innocent colt,

One fine day,

It received a jolt.

It was motherless,

It was homeless,

Life was hopeless,

Life was joyless…

It wandered aimlessly,

It moved around slowly…

One fine day,

It reached a stable,

It was adopted ,

It , happily adapted.

It galloped,

It neighed,

It grazed,

It lived with others horses,

It practised overcoming hurdles,

It didn’t hate the bridles and saddles,

Because it received the jockey’s handles and cuddles…

One fine day,

It saw its reflection in water,

It had grown into a show stopper!

It was a handsome horse,

It was a star in the race course….!


The jolted colt

The timely rescuer

Kindness, helpfulness, empathy, compassion, wisdom ,presence of mind , assertion, persuasion, selflessness are rare qualities of humanity. Finding them in a stranger , in a short span of time is rarer. I was fortunate to meet a lady, who displayed these qualities and values. She was a stranger.

I was travelling to Mira Road by train, with two of my friends. We were invited for our Management institute’s alumini meet. There was a regular , office rush, in the late evening hours. The Mumbai local train arrived on the station’s platform. My friends got in the adjacent compartment of the train. I was pushed by a lady from behind.She moved on the other side and went inside. I wanted to descend on the platform again. The compartment was full beyond it’s capacity. I was about to alight, but the train left the platform and gained speed. I was dangerously hanging on . I was holding the pole , in the middle of the entrance point of the compartment. I was bulging out of the compartment. It was dark outside. The train was speeding towards the next station. I was risking my life. I was trying to create some space for myself, but noone was moving . One woman ,who was standing in the middle of the compartment , saw my dangerous position. It was a life threatening position for me. She rose to the occasion. She persuaded the fellow passengers to create some space for me. She took the initiative in creating that life saving space for me. Rest of the passengers, also made all the possible efforts to accommodate me.  I could move inside , in a safe place , because of her. Had it not been for her timely help, who knows what might have been the result?

The train halted at the next station -our destination. I got down on the platform. I waited for the lady. I thanked her profusely. She was happy to know that I was safe. She smiled and departed.

I will always be grateful to that lady. She was an like an angel for me.She was my ‘ Timely Rescuer ‘.  I don’t know her name or her whereabouts. But, I can certainly conclude that her family members, friends and other people, with whom she must be associated , must be in safe hands and happy in her company….😄


The timely rescuer

The Blind World

The world was blind to his mediocre acting skills,

The world preferred to look at his handsome face stills…

His supporters and fans wove words of praises,

He earned handsome raises….

His films were box-office hits,

His acting skills improved only in bits…

He was a superstar for half a decade,

The audience was bored of his facade…

A new actor created a stir,

He made the older actor a blur…

The new actor was a wonderful mix of personality and histrionics,

He changed the industry’s dynamics….

The older actor was workless,

He felt very helpless…

He had lead a lavish life,

He felt an upcoming strife…

His expenses exceeded incomes ….

He made attempts to sort out some sums….

The world had turned a blind eye to his bad acting,

He had turned a blind eye to self improving…

Blindly accepting was dangerous,

It was simply not generous….


The Blind World

The denial voice

Life is a cakewalk for selected few. Most of the people have their own problems, grievances, botherations, struggles. There is such a lot of  uncertainty, negativity, gloom, darkness, sorrow,violence, abuse, manipulation, misappropriation, misrepresentation, fraud, exploitation, lies, wickedness, cruelty in the world, that the head and heart , many times are in a denial mode. The person refuses and denies to accept any positivity, happiness , joy, delight, kindness, compassion, love, goodness, honesty, loyalty, integrity, peace, simplicity, even if it exists and makes it’s presence felt.

By feeling and appreciating atleast one good thing, event, or any other happening in life, on a daily basis, our hearts will believe in goodness , once again, if at all , there is a loss of faith in goodness….

So,let’s say goodbye to positivity denial mode and welcome positivity acceptance mode for a better and not a bitter life….😃


The denial voice