The denial voice

Life is a cakewalk for selected few. Most of the people have their own problems, grievances, botherations, struggles. There is such a lot of  uncertainty, negativity, gloom, darkness, sorrow,violence, abuse, manipulation, misappropriation, misrepresentation, fraud, exploitation, lies, wickedness, cruelty in the world, that the head and heart , many times are in a denial mode. The person refuses and denies to accept any positivity, happiness , joy, delight, kindness, compassion, love, goodness, honesty, loyalty, integrity, peace, simplicity, even if it exists and makes it’s presence felt.

By feeling and appreciating atleast one good thing, event, or any other happening in life, on a daily basis, our hearts will believe in goodness , once again, if at all , there is a loss of faith in goodness….

So,let’s say goodbye to positivity denial mode and welcome positivity acceptance mode for a better and not a bitter life….😃


The denial voice

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