The Blind World

The world was blind to his mediocre acting skills,

The world preferred to look at his handsome face stills…

His supporters and fans wove words of praises,

He earned handsome raises….

His films were box-office hits,

His acting skills improved only in bits…

He was a superstar for half a decade,

The audience was bored of his facade…

A new actor created a stir,

He made the older actor a blur…

The new actor was a wonderful mix of personality and histrionics,

He changed the industry’s dynamics….

The older actor was workless,

He felt very helpless…

He had lead a lavish life,

He felt an upcoming strife…

His expenses exceeded incomes ….

He made attempts to sort out some sums….

The world had turned a blind eye to his bad acting,

He had turned a blind eye to self improving…

Blindly accepting was dangerous,

It was simply not generous….


The Blind World

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