The timely rescuer

Kindness, helpfulness, empathy, compassion, wisdom ,presence of mind , assertion, persuasion, selflessness are rare qualities of humanity. Finding them in a stranger , in a short span of time is rarer. I was fortunate to meet a lady, who displayed these qualities and values. She was a stranger.

I was travelling to Mira Road by train, with two of my friends. We were invited for our Management institute’s alumini meet. There was a regular , office rush, in the late evening hours. The Mumbai local train arrived on the station’s platform. My friends got in the adjacent compartment of the train. I was pushed by a lady from behind.She moved on the other side and went inside. I wanted to descend on the platform again. The compartment was full beyond it’s capacity. I was about to alight, but the train left the platform and gained speed. I was dangerously hanging on . I was holding the pole , in the middle of the entrance point of the compartment. I was bulging out of the compartment. It was dark outside. The train was speeding towards the next station. I was risking my life. I was trying to create some space for myself, but noone was moving . One woman ,who was standing in the middle of the compartment , saw my dangerous position. It was a life threatening position for me. She rose to the occasion. She persuaded the fellow passengers to create some space for me. She took the initiative in creating that life saving space for me. Rest of the passengers, also made all the possible efforts to accommodate me.  I could move inside , in a safe place , because of her. Had it not been for her timely help, who knows what might have been the result?

The train halted at the next station -our destination. I got down on the platform. I waited for the lady. I thanked her profusely. She was happy to know that I was safe. She smiled and departed.

I will always be grateful to that lady. She was an like an angel for me.She was my ‘ Timely Rescuer ‘.  I don’t know her name or her whereabouts. But, I can certainly conclude that her family members, friends and other people, with whom she must be associated , must be in safe hands and happy in her company….😄


The timely rescuer

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