Kitchen War – Transparent v/s Opaque

Annapurna was cleaning the kitchen platform. Rest of the family had retired to the room.Annapurna arranged the utensils in their place. She completed the post dinner cleaning . Before switching off the lights, she threw a quick , watchful glance at the kitchen. Everything was as per her liking. Satisfactorily, after a long day’s work, she went to her bedroom.

The kitchen was now dark and silent. The clock struck twelve. Out came the glasses, plastic bottles, ceramic mugs, stainless steel spoons and the melamine plates. The teflon cooking utensils, the saucepans, the copper bottom stainless steel vessels slowly moved towards the daily nocturnal gathering of kitchen Ware.  Today, the topic of debate was ‘ Transparent v/s Opaque.

The wooden shelf was the moderator. Glassware ,plastic ware were favouring the group of ‘ Transparent ‘. Stainless steel, woodenware, ceramicware, teflon coated utensils were in the other group of ‘ Opaques ‘.

The discussion began:

Transparents :  We are convenient to use. The user understands what is inside us, without opening the lids.

Opaques : We provide mystery and privacy.

Transparents : We are elegant, stylish and in Vogue.

Opaques : We are simple and can be sleek too…

Transparents : We are easier to wash.

Opaques : We may be a bit harder to wash, but we are more durable , long lasting  than the transparents.

Transparents : Not necessarily…

Opaques : Prove it…

Transparents : A glass picked up a steel spoon and hit the ceramic mug of the Opaque group. The mug howled in pain. It’s handle had broken. In the attack, the glass had also developed a minor cut.

The Wooden Shelf – the moderator stepped in.

The Wooden Shelf : No violence.

He dropped a glue tube .

The group members used the glue to stick the broken handle of the mug. The glass piece was also restored.

The Wooden Shelf : We need to live peacefully and harmoniously . We are interdependent. If we fight and destroy one another, there will be no food stored, cooked or served.

The glass regretted it’s impulsive, violent act. It asked for an apology. The mug  and everyone else forgave the glass. The mug went near the glass , tenderly shook hands with it . The Wooden Shelf said ‘ Cheers’. Everyone laughed. All the kitchen wares got back to their respective places in the kitchen.

Annapurna woke up at dawn. She switched on the kitchen light. She was making tea, when she saw  the glue tube, lying on the kitchen platform. She said to herself, ” Oops, Munni forgot to keep the tube in its place. There is a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place- the universal management principle, when will my darling daughter – a brand manager learn???!!! ”

The Kitchen Wares heard silently and winked. These human beings will never hear our secret meetings ….Was their unanimous thought…..!!!!





Kitchen War – Transparent v/s Opaque

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