The Surprise Test

I was in Secondary Section of my school. Our Science teacher decided to take a surprise test. Many students panicked. I had very innocently forgotten my Science notebook. I borrowed two sheets of papers from my friend and appeared for the test.

The teacher , then asked the students sitting on the same desk to exchange the books . The students would be checking each other’s test answers. She wrote the answers on the blackboard. Once the assessment was over, the books were returned to the students. She moved around the classroom signing the ‘ Surprise Test Results ‘.

She signed my papers and asked me , why I had written on papers and not in my notebook? I told her that I had forgotten the book.

Another student had also forgotten his notebook. He had panicked and not taken the test. That time, the teacher cited my example to him. She told him, ” That girl also forgot her notebook. Yet , she took the test , by borrowing papers.Taking a test is more important than rest of the reasons. ”

I learnt two important lessons, that day- Trying to solve, making a sincere attempt to solve the problems is highly important with the available resources. Waiting for the right time, the resources, the right opportunity , at times , can be a waste of time. Another lesson- To carry an Extra book ( a Rough Book ) i.e to have a backup is beneficial. 😃 .


The Surprise Test

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