The Amazing Maze

‘Find your way through the maze’ is available on paper as a puzzle. Many amusement parks also have this game. When we enter the maze, we walk to find the exit point, at times, we meet with a dead end. We feel amazed, without wasting any further time and walk / run to find the path , which would lead us to our destination. We experience a thrill during the journey and searching. We are amazed and delighted , when we reach the destination, aren’t we?

I think that the same rules can be applied in life. If we enjoy the process of problem solving, failing, but do not cease to try, we will reach our destination and goal with more happiness.

Here are some search tips, which can be useful:

1) Do not carry heavy baggage. Do not burden yourself with excessive thoughts, negativity,pessimism, sadness, sorrows etc. Declutter the mind, the home, the office .

2) Carry the essentials. Food, drinks, medicines and first aid kit, if any. – Take care of physical​ and mental well being. Also, be well equipped and learn how to use the equipments.

3) Relax , if feeling tired.

A relaxation and rest will refresh the body and the mind.

4) Observe the maze, it’s materials, it’s manufacturing. Observe the path, it’s materials.- To wear a suitable clothing and footwear. Be prepared to face challenges in life.

5) Learn to make note. Learn to learn from mistakes. Remember the dead ends’ pathway. Avoid repeating the mistakes.

6) If you have company, it is great, enjoy travelling. But, if you are travelling alone, enjoy travelling . We have to live with or without anyone … Enjoy under both the circumstances.

Happy Mazing!

Enjoy the Amazing Maze.


The Amazing Maze

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