The precipice of uncertainty.

She was a dutiful, simple person,

She liked life for many reasons…

One fine day, she was thrown out of the house,

She was a victim of domestic abuse…

She was on a precipice,

She was no more at peace.

She had to learn to climb the precipice,

Destiny had thrown a challenging dice.

She was living a life of uncertainty,

But,she had faith in humanity.

She sought help from a women’s support organization,

She was supported without any hesitation.

She received shelter,

She worked as a volunteer.

She had an artistic touch,

She drew designs without expecting much.

She began her journey into a new field,

She had no expectations of any yield.

She began making designs for the organization’s textile division,

Gradually, she dreamed of a vision.

She approached the corporates with her organization’s designs,

She faced rejection of designs,

She didn’t lose hope,

She didn’t feel , she had no scope.

She studied the market ,it’s trends,

She studied the leading brands and legends.

She realized her organization’s designs were ethnic ,

She followed her spiritual ethic.

She did a fusion of the traditional and the modern,

She created new designs , yearning for the yarn …

She approached some corporates again,

She received rejection again.

She posted some design photographs on social media,

She met with a stunning response from the media.

She received many orders from near and far,

She had created a major stir,

Now, the challenge began,

the organization had to get a goodwill and a good gain,

The members began working in full swing,

There was lots of stitching and sewing,

The breaks  had coffee and conversations which were  brewing.

Their products reached many parts of the world,

Their work received a good word.

Word of mouth was their major promotion ,

It set the ball in motion.

She had woven a success loom,

She had forgotten the sorrowful gloom…😃


The precipice of uncertainty.

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