The Sunny Spot

Whenever I have come across the word ‘ Sunny ‘ in my life , I have not been disappointed. Be it the classy batting of legendary Sunil ( Sunny ) Gavaskar or the action packed , hard hitting histrionics of Sunny Deol, both the ‘ SUNNY ‘ s have made their arena sunny . Since last August, I am residing in San Jose of California, U.S.A. Here, too , we often visit ‘ Sunnyvale ‘ for some important purchase or the other.

A few verses:

At times, Life is sunny,

At times, Life is gloomy.

The sun rises,

The day flourishes.

The sun sets,

Telling us ‘ It is time for our rests. ‘

The sun is hot,mighty and powerful,

But, do  these qualities also lead to it’s loneliness- which would have been awful …

Had it been a person…..

Sunny spots in life are memorable moments,

They reduce the pain caused by spots of torments …..





The Sunny Spot

The loop of routine

Man can be intriguing,

Man can be puzzling.

First, he creates loops of routines​,

Then , he gets​ bored of his surrounding palms and pines,

He plans a trip and travels faraway

He enjoys and explores in some way,

He relaxes and records memories,

He creates his travel stories.

After some days, he misses his home and loop of routine,

He returns with a fresh mind and repeats his routine….

It is back to sundry and laundry,

It is the same old story!!!!


( In response to the WordPress daily prompt ‘ Loop ‘. )


The loop of routine

The perfect Paragon

She loved numbers,

Cooking gave her jitters.

Her mother tried to teach her cooking,

But her daughter’s​ cooking attempts kept choking…

She felt low,

Her self worth hit a blow.

Her confidence dipped southward,

While eating other cooks’ delicious food, she felt awkward.

For her , kitchen was a place of defeat,

Dining place was her only place of seat.

Her mother treated her negative thoughts’ paralysis

She undertook her daughter’ s personality’s  S-W-O-T analysis.

She realized that her daughter is a paragon in mathematics , science and technology,

She decided to apply these strengths, thus stimulating the beginning of  a beautiful journey , with this culinary trilogy…..

She encouraged her daughter to make and bake cakes,

She knew , what it takes…

With her sense and skills of ratios and proportions, her judgement to understand the temperatures and machine settings,

She began a series of sumptuous bakery offerings….

Her cakes and cookies were mouth watering,

Her breads and baguettes were yummy,

Her cooked meals , could now fill many a tummy.

Her mother had set the ball rolling,

Her daughter had found her calling.


The perfect Paragon