The perfect Paragon

She loved numbers,

Cooking gave her jitters.

Her mother tried to teach her cooking,

But her daughter’s​ cooking attempts kept choking…

She felt low,

Her self worth hit a blow.

Her confidence dipped southward,

While eating other cooks’ delicious food, she felt awkward.

For her , kitchen was a place of defeat,

Dining place was her only place of seat.

Her mother treated her negative thoughts’ paralysis

She undertook her daughter’ s personality’s  S-W-O-T analysis.

She realized that her daughter is a paragon in mathematics , science and technology,

She decided to apply these strengths, thus stimulating the beginning of  a beautiful journey , with this culinary trilogy…..

She encouraged her daughter to make and bake cakes,

She knew , what it takes…

With her sense and skills of ratios and proportions, her judgement to understand the temperatures and machine settings,

She began a series of sumptuous bakery offerings….

Her cakes and cookies were mouth watering,

Her breads and baguettes were yummy,

Her cooked meals , could now fill many a tummy.

Her mother had set the ball rolling,

Her daughter had found her calling.


The perfect Paragon

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