The Sunny Spot

Whenever I have come across the word ‘ Sunny ‘ in my life , I have not been disappointed. Be it the classy batting of legendary Sunil ( Sunny ) Gavaskar or the action packed , hard hitting histrionics of Sunny Deol, both the ‘ SUNNY ‘ s have made their arena sunny . Since last August, I am residing in San Jose of California, U.S.A. Here, too , we often visit ‘ Sunnyvale ‘ for some important purchase or the other.

A few verses:

At times, Life is sunny,

At times, Life is gloomy.

The sun rises,

The day flourishes.

The sun sets,

Telling us ‘ It is time for our rests. ‘

The sun is hot,mighty and powerful,

But, do  these qualities also lead to it’s loneliness- which would have been awful …

Had it been a person…..

Sunny spots in life are memorable moments,

They reduce the pain caused by spots of torments …..





The Sunny Spot

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