The Growth and Grit

She was a healthy baby,

She was cherubic and bubbly,

All of a sudden,

adversity struck like thunder and lightening,

For her parents, her high , continuous fever was frightening,

Her parents had faith in God and Doctor,

They eliminated the fear factor,

The doctor’s diagnosis and treatment worked wonders,

She returned to normalcy without blunders,

Her parents and nurses cared well,

They ensured that she was well…

She was a diligent student,

She was intelligent and prudent.

She studied well,

Her teachers remembered her , even after her farewell…

She graduated from a top business school,

She joined a company , which was very cool….

She did well professionally,

She was popular socially…

All of a sudden,

adversity struck . .

her car collided with a truck….

She met with a major accident,

Her life had a major dent….

She lost her ability to speak,

Emotionally, she felt weak….

She was sorrowful,

She felt awful…

Her parents stood by her with grit,

They motivated her to walk again on the life street,

She was back to work,

But , she received a jerk,

Her company was not full of compassion,

They bid Adieu to her and removed her from the Corporate Mansion….

Her speech therapy was in progress,

But it was going to be a long process….

In the meanwhile, she learnt sign language,

She was happy to be expressive at this stage,

She also learnt ‘ Braille ‘ language,

She had an idea at this stage…

She rekindled her hobby of reading and writing,

She was on the verge of a spectacular implementing,

She began writing a novel,

She was digging her mind with a creative shovel….

She completed her novel.

She also wrote it in ‘ Braille ‘.

She approached many publishers,

They rejected her manuscript , as it didn’t belong to the category of cash growers….

Her parents supported her whole heartedly,

They posted a chapter of the book on the social media,

It was a sensation,

thanks to it’s Sensitivity and Expression. . ..

The tables turned,

The publishers returned,

She was a sought after writer,

She was a show stopper….

Now, Her success story had begun,

She was a gritty grower of wonderful words ,

Her thoughtful mind had many worlds…..




The Growth and Grit

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