Relationships of Dignity.

Many Civilizations have existed, evolved and even exited from the sands of time… But, for thousands of years, there are two relationships which have been there in any Civilization , community, culture,country, they are -motherhood and marriage.

Ideally, there are qualities like nurture, care, love, security, safety, support in motherhood and marriage. Both have stood the test of time. There are three other qualities, which make these relationships work. They are ‘ Communication, Trust and Dignity ‘.

A few verses:

Love without Dignity

Cannot last

For an Eternity….

Love without trust,

Will rust….

Love without Communication

Will be

Without any direction…..



Relationships of Dignity.

The Emphatic Recitations

He wrote beautiful words,

She created wonderful worlds….

He wove fabrics of imagination,

She stitched attires of expression…

He wrote after undertaking research,

Her great ability to recite made the listeners do some soul search…

His work was like a dish,

Her work was like a garnishing of that dish…

They were a great team,

Their work was a flowing stream…

They won the hearts of the young and the old,

They still had many stories to be told…..

The duo had struck gold,

Their admirers also waited for their stories to unfold….





The Emphatic Recitations

Grainy life

Life is like an assorted collection of grains,

It is full of soaks and strains…

Sometimes, life is nice,

Like steamy, hot rice….

Sometimes , life is full of fills and fulfils,

Like the protein rich lentils and nutritious falafels….

Sometimes, life is like a fantastic falooda,

It seems complex just like reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘ Brida ‘….

Sometimes, life is eggy,

Sometimes, life is edgy….



Grainy life

The Joy of Delivery

The project has delivery,

A bad work can increase misery…

A good work can spread joy,

It feels like having protein rich soy….


Many people feel an excitement

With the scissors’ movement

While opening a delivered parcel…

Till that time, they build their imaginative castle….


A timely delivery

Keeps the rivalry

At Bay….

A hospital has a delivery room,

It seems to be a divine room…

A new life is born in these places,

The baby sees so many faces….

The joy of delivery exists in different forms,

Certain processes and norms

Have to be followed,

The efforts are ploughed,

The seeds are sowed,

With a productive  harvest,

There is joy and jest……

Long live the delivery,

Long live the mystery and every…

Thing of delivery!!!







The Joy of Delivery

Some Cooking Advice

Food is a basic need. Food , if cooked well can provide happiness to the eater as well as the cook. I have grown up in a home, where my mother and grandmothers were excellent cooks. They used to make and serve food , not only to the family members , but also to guests with lots of hospitality.

Here are some thoughts about cooking. Some are my mother’s thoughts , some are my observations :

1) A dish ( except a sweet dish and some exceptions ) , should have all the tastes in it, without making any one taste as an overpowering taste.

A dish should be a balance of sweet, sour, salty, spicy…

Similarly, a sweet dish shouldn’t be excessively sweet.

2) The more variety, a person cooks everyday, the better it is for the health and taste buds of the family members. Similarly, make different recipes of the same core food item. That will break the monotony.

3) Be observant. When you are invited to someone’s place , observe the ingredients , which are there in the making of a dish, if you like it, try it at home.

4) Learn a recipe from an expert of that recipe. Nowadays, YouTube, blogs also offer many variants of a particular dish’s recipe.

5) Be open to an honest feedback. There is always a scope for improvement.

6) Be ready to use substitutes in cooking, be ready to learn dishes of different cuisines ,regions and cultures. By doing this, we will be increasing our knowledge of different dishes.

7) Garnishing, dressing, serving are important processes in food making. They make the food presentable.

8) Aromas are important too.

9) Storage of food , it’s ingredients is vital too. Be well versed with that.

10) Planning and preparation are tools of a well managed kitchen.

11) Cooking, food and nutrition are vast bodies of knowledge. They are Art, Science and Management. Be ready to learn…

Happy cooking and eating !


Some Cooking Advice

The Shimmering Friendship

Friends are like stars in a dark sky,

They support us during sorrow and joy,

They sparkle and spread light,

They are motivation and might.

The moonlight shimmers the stream,

The sight inspires the onlooker’s dream.

Dewdrops glisten ,

We listen

To the chirping sparrows

And watch the tree hollows,

In the marvellous mornings….

Coming back to friends,

They are our shimmering friends…

Our glitter,

Who reduce our jitter…

A Happy Friendship day,

To all my friends , have a good day..





The Shimmering Friendship

A Casual Invitation

Dark Clouds hover in the sky,

They casually tell the rains , ” Don’t feel shy…

Drench the earth,

The earthlings won’t feel the water dearth….

People who waste water,

Normally get water on a platter….”


People  casually invite each other to each other’s places..

Saying ‘ Come someday to our place ‘.

That ‘ Someday ‘ never rises,

Unless, a special occasion arises…

And a formal invitation is given….


a cookie freshly picked from the oven,

Needs an invitation to be eaten…..

People wear casual wear,

As they are routinely tired of formal Wear….

Casual and Formal are two sides of the same coin,

Both like to join…

The Club of Life….

( in response to the WordPress daily prompt – Casual )



A Casual Invitation

The Soothing Symphony

Listen to some Jazz,

Listen to the bees’ buzz….

Listen to the flute,

Listen to the owl’s hoot…

Listen to the drum and trumpet,

Listen to the elephant’s trumpet…

Listen to the stringing guitar and harem,

Listen to a singing cuckoo star and enjoy them

For a company

And a rhythmic symphony….

A symphony of orchestra soothes the soul,

A symphony of sounds of nature nurture the soul…..

( In response to the daily prompt of WordPress – Symphony )


The Soothing Symphony

Foggy Fate

It was foggy,

Drains were cloggy.

It was raining,

Dogs were whining.

The GPS was out of order,

There was thunder…

She didn’t panic,

Though the atmosphere seemed tragic…

The fate was foggy,

The air was smoggy.

She parked her car,

She had to go far…

She waited for the day to dawn,

It was not foggy now, she could see the nearby lawn…

She resumed her travel,

She admired nature’s marvel,

She reached home late,

But , She had no regret…







Foggy Fate