A Casual Invitation

Dark Clouds hover in the sky,

They casually tell the rains , ” Don’t feel shy…

Drench the earth,

The earthlings won’t feel the water dearth….

People who waste water,

Normally get water on a platter….”


People  casually invite each other to each other’s places..

Saying ‘ Come someday to our place ‘.

That ‘ Someday ‘ never rises,

Unless, a special occasion arises…

And a formal invitation is given….


a cookie freshly picked from the oven,

Needs an invitation to be eaten…..

People wear casual wear,

As they are routinely tired of formal Wear….

Casual and Formal are two sides of the same coin,

Both like to join…

The Club of Life….

( in response to the WordPress daily prompt – Casual )



A Casual Invitation

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