Some Cooking Advice

Food is a basic need. Food , if cooked well can provide happiness to the eater as well as the cook. I have grown up in a home, where my mother and grandmothers were excellent cooks. They used to make and serve food , not only to the family members , but also to guests with lots of hospitality.

Here are some thoughts about cooking. Some are my mother’s thoughts , some are my observations :

1) A dish ( except a sweet dish and some exceptions ) , should have all the tastes in it, without making any one taste as an overpowering taste.

A dish should be a balance of sweet, sour, salty, spicy…

Similarly, a sweet dish shouldn’t be excessively sweet.

2) The more variety, a person cooks everyday, the better it is for the health and taste buds of the family members. Similarly, make different recipes of the same core food item. That will break the monotony.

3) Be observant. When you are invited to someone’s place , observe the ingredients , which are there in the making of a dish, if you like it, try it at home.

4) Learn a recipe from an expert of that recipe. Nowadays, YouTube, blogs also offer many variants of a particular dish’s recipe.

5) Be open to an honest feedback. There is always a scope for improvement.

6) Be ready to use substitutes in cooking, be ready to learn dishes of different cuisines ,regions and cultures. By doing this, we will be increasing our knowledge of different dishes.

7) Garnishing, dressing, serving are important processes in food making. They make the food presentable.

8) Aromas are important too.

9) Storage of food , it’s ingredients is vital too. Be well versed with that.

10) Planning and preparation are tools of a well managed kitchen.

11) Cooking, food and nutrition are vast bodies of knowledge. They are Art, Science and Management. Be ready to learn…

Happy cooking and eating !


Some Cooking Advice

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