In the mysteries of Silhouette

In the mysteries of silhouette,

Are many  a tête à tête….

In the shadows of past,

Are many things lost and last…

In the pages of history,

Are  events , which are gory or glory…

In the days of gloom,

there are hopes of boom and bloom…

In the periods of sorrow,

there is a dream of a joyful ‘tomorrow’…..





In the mysteries of Silhouette

Illusion and Horizon

At times, a horizon

Seems to be an illusion…

Horizon mystifies the mind,

It makes an imagination go wild…

Or it makes the certainty go mild….

Horizon increases the suspense element,

It makes hope lament…

Horizon can be an opportunity,

It can also be a futility….

But, it is important to check what it is…

Instead of just thinking about it!!!


Illusion and Horizon