My Father

Your smile enlightened my life,

With courage, I faced any strife…

Your jokes were genuinely funny,

I felt happy and sunny…

Your hard work and dedication was admirable,

It was indeed commendable….

Your punctuality and self discipline was immaculate,

It inspires me to emulate….

Your helpful and hospitable nature

Motivates me to nurture that nature…

Your focus and aim was the starting point of your success story,

Your diligence , intelligence and perseverance facilitated your career’s glory…

The tea made by you used to be freshening ,

It used to cause an alert awakening!

You showered unconditional  love and affection on me,

I am indeed a fortunate me!

I thank God for blessing me with a benevolent  father,

Your plethora of magnificent memories will help me to go further…









My Father