The loop of routine

Man can be intriguing,

Man can be puzzling.

First, he creates loops of routines​,

Then , he gets​ bored of his surrounding palms and pines,

He plans a trip and travels faraway

He enjoys and explores in some way,

He relaxes and records memories,

He creates his travel stories.

After some days, he misses his home and loop of routine,

He returns with a fresh mind and repeats his routine….

It is back to sundry and laundry,

It is the same old story!!!!


( In response to the WordPress daily prompt ‘ Loop ‘. )


The loop of routine

The perfect Paragon

She loved numbers,

Cooking gave her jitters.

Her mother tried to teach her cooking,

But her daughter’s​ cooking attempts kept choking…

She felt low,

Her self worth hit a blow.

Her confidence dipped southward,

While eating other cooks’ delicious food, she felt awkward.

For her , kitchen was a place of defeat,

Dining place was her only place of seat.

Her mother treated her negative thoughts’ paralysis

She undertook her daughter’ s personality’s  S-W-O-T analysis.

She realized that her daughter is a paragon in mathematics , science and technology,

She decided to apply these strengths, thus stimulating the beginning of  a beautiful journey , with this culinary trilogy…..

She encouraged her daughter to make and bake cakes,

She knew , what it takes…

With her sense and skills of ratios and proportions, her judgement to understand the temperatures and machine settings,

She began a series of sumptuous bakery offerings….

Her cakes and cookies were mouth watering,

Her breads and baguettes were yummy,

Her cooked meals , could now fill many a tummy.

Her mother had set the ball rolling,

Her daughter had found her calling.


The perfect Paragon

Infusion And Creation

A painter infuses life in his paintings,

By using colors and his musings..

An actor infuses different shades of emotions,

When he portrays a character and his notions….

A writer infuses a vast maze of stories,

When he writes from his imagination’s ,empathies’ and experiences’ galleries.

Infusion is an amazing ingredient of creation,

It articulately instills beauty and variation.


Infusion And Creation

Adrift and aloof

A lonesome feather bears the uncertain weather,

When it falls and floats in the air…

A balloon without a holder,

Looks bold and bright when it flies aimlessly in the sky …

A loose sheet of paper looks adrift and aloof,

When it swiftly flies in the air….

A leaf falls from a tree ,

It sways to and fro to find it’s way …

Targets, aims, goals, aims, ambitions, aspirations channelize energies,

But at times, being adrift and aloof for sometime,

Helps to experience uncertainties and improve one’s flexibilities too….


In the big picture of life,

Not all colours are necessarily as per our choice……

( In response to the daily prompt – adrift )


Adrift and aloof

The Descent

When the star twinkles​,

When the moon sparkles,

When the sun dazzles,

When the comet sizzles,

When the planets, stars , satellites follow the system of movements,

Then there will be order in the solar system for those moments.

Some things are not meant to ascend or descend,

Some things are meant to receive  and  send .


The Descent

The precipice of uncertainty.

She was a dutiful, simple person,

She liked life for many reasons…

One fine day, she was thrown out of the house,

She was a victim of domestic abuse…

She was on a precipice,

She was no more at peace.

She had to learn to climb the precipice,

Destiny had thrown a challenging dice.

She was living a life of uncertainty,

But,she had faith in humanity.

She sought help from a women’s support organization,

She was supported without any hesitation.

She received shelter,

She worked as a volunteer.

She had an artistic touch,

She drew designs without expecting much.

She began her journey into a new field,

She had no expectations of any yield.

She began making designs for the organization’s textile division,

Gradually, she dreamed of a vision.

She approached the corporates with her organization’s designs,

She faced rejection of designs,

She didn’t lose hope,

She didn’t feel , she had no scope.

She studied the market ,it’s trends,

She studied the leading brands and legends.

She realized her organization’s designs were ethnic ,

She followed her spiritual ethic.

She did a fusion of the traditional and the modern,

She created new designs , yearning for the yarn …

She approached some corporates again,

She received rejection again.

She posted some design photographs on social media,

She met with a stunning response from the media.

She received many orders from near and far,

She had created a major stir,

Now, the challenge began,

the organization had to get a goodwill and a good gain,

The members began working in full swing,

There was lots of stitching and sewing,

The breaks  had coffee and conversations which were  brewing.

Their products reached many parts of the world,

Their work received a good word.

Word of mouth was their major promotion ,

It set the ball in motion.

She had woven a success loom,

She had forgotten the sorrowful gloom…😃


The precipice of uncertainty.