Unity of Colours

Title – Unity of Colours

Profound insights grow like a dense rainforest ,
human beings go through many a test ,
yet , life smiles through it and looks best ,
when colours of nature add their jest …

The five senses of humanity are an experience ,
visual senses add their element of enhance ,
black and white dominate yesteryears’ glance ,
shades and hues ensure a balance .

green and blue reflect serenity ,
brown and yellow scatter rationality ,
red and orange shine with integrity ,

  • Rupali Gore Lale
  • ©2021
  • June 17 ,2021

Unity of Colours

Shining strings of music

Shining strings of a sunlight soaked guitar , play music , radiating solar power ,

Energizing strings of sitar spread positivity among listeners

Music is a soulful connection ,
irrespective of any musical combination
Music spreads waves of sheer joy ,
refreshing minds , free of any ploy !

Music is like a child ‘ s innocence ,
Suffusing an aroma of spiritual incense !

Music laments and regrets lost moments and
perishable things ,
while , it also celebrates life

  • Rupali Gore Lale
  • © 2021
  • January 27 , 2021

Photo – Pixabay

Shining strings of music

A colorless world

If every colour vanished from this world….

What would remain is a colorless world,

The hueless world…..

The shadeless Earth …..

The ‘ No chrome ‘ mirth…..

All the earthlings would look like ‘ Colorless architectural model blocks ‘ ,with sculpted features,bodies and contours…..

The vision would be more strained.

The ‘ touch and feel ‘ would be more dominant …..

The ‘ audible  test ‘ would be more prominent,

Life would be a bland dish with :

Missing greens of leafy greens,

Missing browns of brown bread,

Missing reds of red cherries….

A painter would miss his colour palette , he would be sketching more and more ,sans Les coleurs…. Et Les fleurs ? Flowers would be chunky,aromatic masses…

Chemistry’s crush with colours and Laboratory tests would be put to rest .. ..

Some will feel Bubbles and Balloons filled with Air,

Some will feel like steams and streams of Water,

Fire’s ire will be tough to recognize …

A writer will write on a colorless paper, with a colorless ink ….. Who can read except, maybe, micro-organisms- the merry microbes!

Engraving, embossing, etching will be fetching many takers, doers and customers!

– ©️ Rupali Gore Lale

August 20,2020

Pic: WordPress , Pixabay,Pexels 

A colorless world

Life- an assortment of offerings

The days were rising and setting speedily, the demands were increasing greedily….

Divinity was overloaded with never ending desires , demands and wishes!

The space was a storehouse of infinite celestial bodies,

The human mind was a reservoir of infinite possibilities!

Nature harbors organisms of varieties-

Some parasites , some spectacular sites!

The mind has a place for thoughts of multitude,

Some thoughts are toxic and desperate little parasites,they erode the productive quality of the mind!

Some thoughts are nectarine and soothing ,noble plans!

Salute to Life and her assortment of offerings!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • August 10,2020.

Life- an assortment of offerings

Love for a lifetime

“Let’s dance together to the Music of Life,
The World may be friendly, the world may behave indifferently,
But you , my beloved will always love me and be there for me,
If I feel lonely, you will be friendly…
If you feel sad, I will add a smile to your visage…
I will care for you , at every stage of life…
It is a promise made by me to you, my sweetheart.”

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • June 13, 2020
    This picture, inspired me to think and write the above lines.
  • Location-Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Los Angeles , California.September 2017. Pic: Rupali
Love for a lifetime

Kolis , Fish and Mumbai

Fishing and men have an historic relationship. Fishing is one of the oldest hereditary occupations. Be it sea, be it a river or a pond- fishing for food, fishing for fun, fishing for trade, fishing has always been there. The fishing villages, fishing countries have a fabulous history.

India , with her long coastal peninsula and mighty rivers like the Ganga, Narmada, Godavari has a wide variety of fishing zones. Mumbai- originally a cluster of seven islands , later reclaimed, was a fishing heaven. It’s earliest inhabitants have been the people of the fishing community – the ‘ Kolis ‘.

The ‘ Kolis ‘ are famous for their fish , food, dance, songs, flamboyance , jewellery,  koyta ( a weapon, a type of question mark shaped cutting and chopping knife) and courage. They wear colorful dresses , jewellery and sing some melodious songs too. Their songs are known as ‘ Koli Geetay ‘ . Many music companies have recorded these renditions and  some of them are popular even amongst the people who don’t understand their language…Their dance form known as ‘ Koli Nrutya ‘ (‘ Koli Dance ‘) is a vivacious, fast dance form. They revere the sea a lot. They celebrate ‘ Narali Purnima'(a festival ) by offering coconut to the sea. It is a day of thanking the sea.

The men fish ,while the women of the community are the ones who sell the fish and other sea food in the marketplace. Traditionally, this has been followed for ages. Now, people from their community are seeking education in many fields and venturing into many different professions.

Now, Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures.But a vivacious Koli family will always have a significant historic place in the cultural canvas of the city -Mumbai.

Being a vegetarian, I don’t eat fish. But I have always loved and respected the courage of the fishermen . They risk their lives for every fishing trip…

Now, a few verses for the fish eaters and lovers:

It is a blessing :

To enjoy an afternoon siesta in the shady lawns

After having a delicious dish of prawns…

To make the taste buds feel great

After eating the very dear pomfret…

To hold and grab

The plate of crab…

To forget the studious semester

And feast on the lovely lobster….


It is a blessing to Eat Fish…


Kolis , Fish and Mumbai

Memories -My treasure forever, for sure….

A treasure is a collection of valuable, precious objects, events, occasions, values. It can be intangible as well. Memories is one such intangible treasure, which can be a wonderful treasure. As long as a person is alive, the memories will be with him.

A few verses:

They may seize my house,

But not my hands which made it a ‘home’….

They may snatch my jewellery,

But not my smiles and joys, I enjoyed basking in their glory…..

They may misappropriate cash,

But, they can’t deny it without batting an eyelash…

They may take away the person I love,

But they can’t love him the way I love….

They may destroy all the symbols of my cherished memories,

But they can’t destroy the memories in my mind….

People, places, seasons, styles may change and/or leave. Memories are for life…So, memories are my treasure forever, for sure …..


Memories -My treasure forever, for sure….

When she vanished….

There she is….

She uses her tongue to spit venom,

She uses her eyes to destroy decorum

There she is….

She uses her ears to hear nonsense,

She uses her nose to unearth the ‘intense’….

There she is…..

She uses her touch to create fear,

She uses her sixth sense to vanish anything dear….

There she is….

A woman who finds pleasure in belittling others,

A woman who sheds ‘crocodile tears ‘….

There she is….

A woman who fires her taunts,

A woman who uses them as flaunts…..

There she is….

A woman who tarnishes her victim’s image,

A woman who echoes sadistic pleasure at every stage…..


Here she is…..

The victim gathers courage,

She sets herself free from the torture cage……

The victim banishes HER….

From her life,

The victim also vanishes from that woman’s life…..

She is happy and relieved,

She is glad to have relived

The missed moments of life….

Time will heal her emotional blemishes,

Work and duties will absorb and act as varnishes….

Else where…


When she vanished….

That which is Unfinished….

That which is

Unfinished ,





That which is






That which is






That which is





That which is


Keeps the world going,

Keeps the seeds of aim sowing……!!!


That which is Unfinished….