The Amazing Maze

‘Find your way through the maze’ is available on paper as a puzzle. Many amusement parks also have this game. When we enter the maze, we walk to find the exit point, at times, we meet with a dead end. We feel amazed, without wasting any further time and walk / run to find the path , which would lead us to our destination. We experience a thrill during the journey and searching. We are amazed and delighted , when we reach the destination, aren’t we?

I think that the same rules can be applied in life. If we enjoy the process of problem solving, failing, but do not cease to try, we will reach our destination and goal with more happiness.

Here are some search tips, which can be useful:

1) Do not carry heavy baggage. Do not burden yourself with excessive thoughts, negativity,pessimism, sadness, sorrows etc. Declutter the mind, the home, the office .

2) Carry the essentials. Food, drinks, medicines and first aid kit, if any. – Take care of physical​ and mental well being. Also, be well equipped and learn how to use the equipments.

3) Relax , if feeling tired.

A relaxation and rest will refresh the body and the mind.

4) Observe the maze, it’s materials, it’s manufacturing. Observe the path, it’s materials.- To wear a suitable clothing and footwear. Be prepared to face challenges in life.

5) Learn to make note. Learn to learn from mistakes. Remember the dead ends’ pathway. Avoid repeating the mistakes.

6) If you have company, it is great, enjoy travelling. But, if you are travelling alone, enjoy travelling . We have to live with or without anyone … Enjoy under both the circumstances.

Happy Mazing!

Enjoy the Amazing Maze.


The Amazing Maze

Living a life of your dreams

Every person has a particular lifestyle,

Lead a life which will make you smile…

Some like Simplicity,

Some like complexity.

Some like ethnicity,

Some like modernity.

Some like antique and vintage ,

Some like  boutique and newage.

Some follow fashion,

Some follow mission.

Some like lavish extravagance,

Some like financial prudence.

Some like working hard like ants,

Some like celebrating like the  grasshopper chants.

Life will have many streams,

Live a life of your dreams…

It may be a compound of elements,

It may be an alloy of elements,

But, follow what you like and believe is good and right,

That will be your true lifestyle…


Living a life of your dreams

The Surprise Test

I was in Secondary Section of my school. Our Science teacher decided to take a surprise test. Many students panicked. I had very innocently forgotten my Science notebook. I borrowed two sheets of papers from my friend and appeared for the test.

The teacher , then asked the students sitting on the same desk to exchange the books . The students would be checking each other’s test answers. She wrote the answers on the blackboard. Once the assessment was over, the books were returned to the students. She moved around the classroom signing the ‘ Surprise Test Results ‘.

She signed my papers and asked me , why I had written on papers and not in my notebook? I told her that I had forgotten the book.

Another student had also forgotten his notebook. He had panicked and not taken the test. That time, the teacher cited my example to him. She told him, ” That girl also forgot her notebook. Yet , she took the test , by borrowing papers.Taking a test is more important than rest of the reasons. ”

I learnt two important lessons, that day- Trying to solve, making a sincere attempt to solve the problems is highly important with the available resources. Waiting for the right time, the resources, the right opportunity , at times , can be a waste of time. Another lesson- To carry an Extra book ( a Rough Book ) i.e to have a backup is beneficial. 😃 .


The Surprise Test

None For Her

Ahilya was a family oriented person. She loved her husband and children. She devotedly performed her duties as a wife and mother. Ahilya’s husband was a busy man. He did well in his career. He reached a senior Management position in his forties. The children were also academically brilliant. They were good at arts and sports too. Ahilya was a happy homemaker. She was her children’s friend, philosopher and guide. Her husband  could focus on his career because Ahilya had the efficiency, energy, willingness to largely shoulder domestic responsibilities.

As years passed by, Ahilya’s children completed their studies , sought employment in foreign countries and settled abroad. Ahilya’s husband had retired from his job. Being a workaholic, he set up his independent business consultancy. Ahilya was now no more busy. She had more time to spend for herself. But, she had lost her health , by then…She missed the talks , conversations, chats, family bonding and togetherness. Her children and husband , found it a waste of time to reply  to her phone messages and calls. Her children and husband were too busy to allot any time for her.She felt alone and neglected in her family. Ahilya was emotionally attached to her family members. But they were rational in their approach towards her.

She was sorrowful and sad. One day, she went for a walk in a park.  She walked on the track for sometime​. She sat on a bench and relaxed for sometime.  She saw another lady of her age. She was skilfully handling the smart phone. She was thinking and then entering something. Ahilya approached her and enquired about her. During their conversation, the lady told Ahilya about her role as a magazine columnist, a fiction writer. She shared her journey of a blogger , her debut as a professional writer, her successes and failures. Ahilya thanked the lady for sharing her experiences. Ahilya felt energized.

She spent time in reading and writing. The internet introduced her to a web of information, knowledge and entertainment. She wrote blogs, joined online group reads. She stopped chasing and hovering around her loved ones. They were no longer her only world.

Ahilya joined an NGO . She worked as a volunteer. She taught street children, during three days of the week.

Ahilya began to take care of herself, her choices. She travelled to places , she had wished to visit.

Ahilya was now an independent woman. She never felt , that ‘ there is None for her ‘. Nature and World were there for her , for sure.

( In response to the WordPress daily prompt – None. This is a piece of fiction )


None For Her

Controlling​ Chaos

Controls are critical,

They can be crucial.

Controls are checks,

They organize decks.

Controls set laws,

They reduce unjust flaws.

Controls create order and discipline,

They destroy disorder and indiscipline.

Control reduces chaos,

It can reduce loss.

Controls are pervasive,

They are objective.

Some Controls are stable and rigid,

Some Controls are flexible and fluid.

The Role of Control is systemizing,

The Role of Control is optimizing…


Controlling​ Chaos

To cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.. An unfair act

In Marathi language, my mother tongue, there is a proverb, ” Dusryanchya chukanvar panghrun ghalnay ” , which means , ” to cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.” Very often, in personal relationships, this takes place. A parent may pamper his child to such a large extent that he will not only overlook his mistakes, but also cover his wrong actions with a blanket of unreasonable explanations and justifications. The same covering can happen in other relationships too. A husband may feel that his parents are always right, even if they are wrong and cover up their wrong actions by criticizing his wife publicly. Similarly, a friend may save his best friend by supporting his false claims before his girlfriend. The list of such examples is endless.

But, how fair are such acts? According to me, they are unfair and wrong. By supporting a wrong act, by blanketing someone’s mistakes, the person is wrongly encouraging the wrong deeds of the person , who is wrong.

A blanket is meant to protect the user from external environmental conditions like cold and provide warmth. At the end of the day, life is also a matter of choices, actions , values…….

These Proverbs, sayings, quotations by wise men and women make sense, very often, in life….


To cover someone’s mistakes with a blanket.. An unfair act

The Strengthening Roots

Roots are the base of our identity and existence,

They influence our personalities and substance.

Respecting our roots is beneficial,

Protecting them is equally crucial.

There may be some people and forces who will insult ,abuse and harm our roots,

Weed them from your life and allow fresh , fertile conditions for the roots.

We shouldn’t stop at only admiring our roots,

We should grow  and allow the branches, leaves of our lives

To flourish and nourish, to bow,sway and be full of jives….

We should also take some time out to appreciate others’ roots and growth,

That will keep us modest  and not vain, thereby also enhancing our worth….

So, strengthen the roots…


The Strengthening Roots