Life- an assortment of offerings

The days were rising and setting speedily, the demands were increasing greedily….

Divinity was overloaded with never ending desires , demands and wishes!

The space was a storehouse of infinite celestial bodies,

The human mind was a reservoir of infinite possibilities!

Nature harbors organisms of varieties-

Some parasites , some spectacular sites!

The mind has a place for thoughts of multitude,

Some thoughts are toxic and desperate little parasites,they erode the productive quality of the mind!

Some thoughts are nectarine and soothing ,noble plans!

Salute to Life and her assortment of offerings!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • August 10,2020.

Life- an assortment of offerings

Krishna, Music and Nature

I feel joyous ,when I listen to music.

The musical journey of listening has some mystic!

The flute sends waves of fleeting peacock feathers , flying and mystifying further ‘ the divinity of Shri Krishna ‘….

The deer and the peacock look endearingly at the musician.

The celestial heavens shower stardust on the meditative music.

The woods look wonderful and woo her wild creatures with her emerald , green charms, woody world and stoic soil. There is always some musical note , being played ,by some animated animal or the other….

The ravishing Rivers , bouncy waterfalls, serene streams, binding brooks flow and keep the life moving….

The pondering , but peaceful ponds ,the laid back lakes , surrounded by blushing ,lush green bushes await the arrival of rains and enjoying the song of the reigning rains!

I see Shri Krishna , smiling affectionately ,in the aesthetic arts of Nature!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • July 23,2020.

Pic- Pinterest

Krishna, Music and Nature

Colorful Art of Rangoli

India has a large variety of images. Being an Indian, whenever I visualize India- my beloved country- I can think of dancing crops, crowded skylines, people, streets of life, a symphony of sitar ,santoor,tanpura,tabla and flute, delicious plate of wholesome food ,festivals and a beautiful combination of colours, which includes the artistic ‘ Rangoli’!

Rangoli is a Floor Art. It is also called an ‘Ephemeral Art ‘. Rangoli is an art of making art work on the floor or ground, with the help of hands, fingers ,to be more precise, coloured powder( usually coloured sand) or rice paste or flowers- either whole or petals of flowers. A chalk is also used,at times ,to draw the outline of a picture.

The word ‘ Rangoli ‘ has been derived from the words – Rang + Vali , ‘Rang’ means ‘ Colours ‘ and ‘ Vali ‘ means ‘ A line or row . So,it literally means, ‘ Rangoli ‘ – ‘ A row or line of colours.

Rangoli is a traditional art form , which has existed , for hundreds of years, in India. It is known by different names in different parts and languages of India. In Hindi Language and Maharashtra, Rangoli is known as ‘ Rangoli ‘, in Karnataka as ‘Rangavali ‘, in Kerala as ‘ Pookalam ‘,in Tamil Nadu as ‘ Kolam ‘ in Telugu language as ‘ Muggulu ‘ etc.

In the earlier days ,in Maharashtra, Rangoli used to be with Rangoli powder, the Pookalams of Kerala are florals artworks ( especially during the Onam festival), Kolams of Tamil Nadu are made using a rice paste. Even combination Rangolis are made. During festivals like Diwali , diyas are lit and placed on the Rangolis.

Traditionally,women of the household drew Rangolis ,early in the morning, near the entrance of the house, or in the verandah of the house. During festivals like Dasera, Diwali, bigger Rangolis are also drawn. Even for religious occasions like Pooja, or other auspicious occasions like Marriage , Rangolis grace the occasion.

Nature’s symbols like peacock, othersother birds and animals, planets, trees, leaves,fruits,flowers, religious symbols like ‘Om’ , geometric shapes and patterns,gods like Shri Ganesh, Lord Krishna are also depicted through Rangoli.

In the modern era, Rangoli is encouraged in schools,colleges, corporates, residence communities , through competitions, or simply having them in social events’ venue. Men ,who are interested, also draw this Art. There are many professional Rangoli artists ,too. Many tools like toothpick,comb,strainer,stencils , lids etc.are also used for bigger Rangolis. A group of people also come together,to make Rangolis.

A beautiful part of this art is that, it is a perishable, ephemeral art. It is not long lasting ,but, at least nowadays, Rangolis can be recorded in the form of photos and videos. In it’s momentary existence , it gives joy to it’s creators and onlookers. It erases gradually ,over a period of time ,or even immediately,if someone, accidentally steps on it! Nevertheless, it is a sense of serenity and harmony for the soul ,mind and heart! How beautifully, the hands and it’s fingers move, in order to complete the design ! The combination of colours is a visual treat, too. Every Rangoli is unique ,with a message of it’s own! Even human beings,famous personalities are depicted through Rangoli. Another different aspect of this art is that it is an Art, which is practised regularly , traditionally by many families for many generations , every person adding her own personal touch to the creation.

So let’s celebrate the colours of life with ‘ Rangoli ‘!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • July 1,2020

Picture Source- Pinterest

Colorful Art of Rangoli

Youth and The Youthful Charms

Some lines of poetry

Youth and the youthful charms…

Youthful charms of Innocence and Curiosity, The eternal search for answers,

The ethereal Dreams and fantasies,

The experience of realities,

The massive energy to realize ambitions,

The struggles and obstacles to taste success, The celebration of achievements,

The learnings of failures,

The rosiness of romance,

The thorny heart breaks!

The fun of giggling friends!

The moral support of mentors,

The pride of parents,

The load of self expectations!

Oh Youth, You are the essence of enigma and effervescence, The gist of learning and application!

© Rupali Gore Lale

July 1,2020

Youth and The Youthful Charms

The Web Of Spider Lilies

A few lines of poetry , by me,
The Web of Spider Lilies

The Gardens and Nurseries are illuminated by your Flaming Petals,
You raise the fiery element of a landscape,
You gift the onlooker a lavish escape,
From innumerable thoughts!
Your crimson reds and bright yellows
are Charismatic and Energetic to look at…
They set the admirer’s imagination on fire !
A heartfelt gratitude to
The Flaming Spider Lily!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • June 30, 2020.

Photo 1- Rupali

Photo 2 – Pinterest

The Flaming Spider Lilies

The Web Of Spider Lilies

The Orchids

The colours of nature are splashed on them, The multiple Colours mix and mingle mystically,
The combinations of the variety of colours
Are Charismatic and Enigmatic to view…
The delight of watching them is dazzling ,
The ‘feel good’ effect of the Nature’s treasure,
The Opulent Orchids are a genuine pleasure!

©️ Rupali Gore Lale
June 29, 2020.
A few lines of poetry, by me, dedicated to the Orchid.

Pic 1 : drawing of orchid

Pic 2 : Orchid flowers, Source: Pinterest

The Orchids

The Peacock Pride

” When I dance, the world dances with joy,
When I flaunt my plumage, artists are inspired to express their aesthetic artwork in pages and other channels…
Traditionally, my feathers were used to write and fill leaves, pages and scrolls,
The Royalty admired me during their leisurely strolls,
Lord Krishna , lovingly adorned me in his divine appearance,
I have charmed many a musicians ,lyricists and singers to create melodious renditions and compositions,
I have enriched the greens and blues with my ‘ Peacock presence!’
Honoured am I to be the National bird of the land of variety- India….
I am an inspiration for rangoli artists and textile designers…
Be it the ‘Paithani’ Saree’s border or Colorful rangoli peacock,I symbolize beauty and grace!
There will be hardly anyone, who has not been mesmerised by me…
I am the Elegant Peacock,
Without showing any peacocky pride,
I am blushing like the bride!”

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
    June 28, 2020.

Pic1 : Rupali

Pic2: Pinterest

The Peacock Pride


How often I wonder at the wonders of water…

Water quenches thirst of all creatures,

Right from Warthogs to Vultures…

Water dissolves salt and sugar,

Like a friend welcomes his besties , wholeheartedly,

To his home.

Water fills so many pots and ponds,

Water helps to live,

Water hydrates and evaporates,

It teaches a lesson of utility and usefulness,

It teaches a lesson of adaptability and kindness!

Water showers affectionately like rains,

It is so necessary for growth and grains!

Water flourishes and nourishes life,

Excess water can perish and wash away life!

Lack of water can famish and finish life.

Respect Water,

Made by Nature and Creator!

©️ Rupali Gore Lale

June 27, 2020.

Pic: Rupali



Dreams are actions, scenes which we see ,in ours sleep. Though our body is resting, our mind is visualizing something. It is just like a . movie, we are watching! But,here the dreams seem to be like a suspense thriller, we don’t know, the next turn of event. ‘ The what next element ‘ is an attractive aspect of Dreams…

Another interesting and noteworthy point, about ‘Dream’ is that our aspirations,ambitions,aims,goals ,wishes and targets are also called as’ Dreams’.

Is it because of the notion that ‘ Our subconscious mind is sending us messages,signs,signals, symbols , indications through the Medium of Dreams? ‘ Somewhere, our soul wants to help us in achieving our real life dreams,so the soul also ,in association,with our mind ,send us messages through the ‘Dreams in our sleep?

I remember reading somewhere, that we dream of something or someone or someplace or some time period , when we miss that part of our life ,in our present life.

At times, dreams also indicate something about our future. In future, after the occurrence of some event, we realize that ,we had seen it ,in our dreams,in our sleep. A feeling of ‘ Deja Vu ‘

Dreams can be fantasies ,too. Just like in fairy tales, we can see some fantastic tales of land and people, we never visited, or knew about,some out of the world , nouveau happenings!

After waking up,we remember some dreams and forget some of the dreams. It can be helpful to write about dreams and document it ,in some way,ideally as soon as possible,after waking up.

The above statement is an interesting fact. It can be checked, with the person, concerned.

Our subconscious mind us trying to communicate with us, through our dreams?

Source of images: Pinterest and the owners who posted the images in Pinterest.

Dreams can be a tool to help in decision making, a guide to channelize our energies ,our potential ,in a better way. We need to understand ,their interpretation and symbolism.

Dreams will continue to baffle, confuse and also guide people. It depends on the dreamer’s keenness to interpret and understand the dreams! So ,happy dreaming!

-©️ Rupali Gore Lale

June 26,2020.

pic: Rupali