Unity of Colours

Title – Unity of Colours

Profound insights grow like a dense rainforest ,
human beings go through many a test ,
yet , life smiles through it and looks best ,
when colours of nature add their jest …

The five senses of humanity are an experience ,
visual senses add their element of enhance ,
black and white dominate yesteryears’ glance ,
shades and hues ensure a balance .

green and blue reflect serenity ,
brown and yellow scatter rationality ,
red and orange shine with integrity ,

  • Rupali Gore Lale
  • ©2021
  • June 17 ,2021

Unity of Colours

A colorless world

If every colour vanished from this world….

What would remain is a colorless world,

The hueless world…..

The shadeless Earth …..

The ‘ No chrome ‘ mirth…..

All the earthlings would look like ‘ Colorless architectural model blocks ‘ ,with sculpted features,bodies and contours…..

The vision would be more strained.

The ‘ touch and feel ‘ would be more dominant …..

The ‘ audible  test ‘ would be more prominent,

Life would be a bland dish with :

Missing greens of leafy greens,

Missing browns of brown bread,

Missing reds of red cherries….

A painter would miss his colour palette , he would be sketching more and more ,sans Les coleurs…. Et Les fleurs ? Flowers would be chunky,aromatic masses…

Chemistry’s crush with colours and Laboratory tests would be put to rest .. ..

Some will feel Bubbles and Balloons filled with Air,

Some will feel like steams and streams of Water,

Fire’s ire will be tough to recognize …

A writer will write on a colorless paper, with a colorless ink ….. Who can read except, maybe, micro-organisms- the merry microbes!

Engraving, embossing, etching will be fetching many takers, doers and customers!

– ©️ Rupali Gore Lale

August 20,2020

Pic: WordPress , Pixabay,Pexels 

A colorless world

Krishna, Music and Nature

I feel joyous ,when I listen to music.

The musical journey of listening has some mystic!

The flute sends waves of fleeting peacock feathers , flying and mystifying further ‘ the divinity of Shri Krishna ‘….

The deer and the peacock look endearingly at the musician.

The celestial heavens shower stardust on the meditative music.

The woods look wonderful and woo her wild creatures with her emerald , green charms, woody world and stoic soil. There is always some musical note , being played ,by some animated animal or the other….

The ravishing Rivers , bouncy waterfalls, serene streams, binding brooks flow and keep the life moving….

The pondering , but peaceful ponds ,the laid back lakes , surrounded by blushing ,lush green bushes await the arrival of rains and enjoying the song of the reigning rains!

I see Shri Krishna , smiling affectionately ,in the aesthetic arts of Nature!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • July 23,2020.

Pic- Pinterest

Krishna, Music and Nature

The Web Of Spider Lilies

A few lines of poetry , by me,
The Web of Spider Lilies

The Gardens and Nurseries are illuminated by your Flaming Petals,
You raise the fiery element of a landscape,
You gift the onlooker a lavish escape,
From innumerable thoughts!
Your crimson reds and bright yellows
are Charismatic and Energetic to look at…
They set the admirer’s imagination on fire !
A heartfelt gratitude to
The Flaming Spider Lily!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • June 30, 2020.

Photo 1- Rupali

Photo 2 – Pinterest

The Flaming Spider Lilies

The Web Of Spider Lilies

The Orchids

The colours of nature are splashed on them, The multiple Colours mix and mingle mystically,
The combinations of the variety of colours
Are Charismatic and Enigmatic to view…
The delight of watching them is dazzling ,
The ‘feel good’ effect of the Nature’s treasure,
The Opulent Orchids are a genuine pleasure!

©️ Rupali Gore Lale
June 29, 2020.
A few lines of poetry, by me, dedicated to the Orchid.

Pic 1 : drawing of orchid

Pic 2 : Orchid flowers, Source: Pinterest

The Orchids


How often I wonder at the wonders of water…

Water quenches thirst of all creatures,

Right from Warthogs to Vultures…

Water dissolves salt and sugar,

Like a friend welcomes his besties , wholeheartedly,

To his home.

Water fills so many pots and ponds,

Water helps to live,

Water hydrates and evaporates,

It teaches a lesson of utility and usefulness,

It teaches a lesson of adaptability and kindness!

Water showers affectionately like rains,

It is so necessary for growth and grains!

Water flourishes and nourishes life,

Excess water can perish and wash away life!

Lack of water can famish and finish life.

Respect Water,

Made by Nature and Creator!

©️ Rupali Gore Lale

June 27, 2020.

Pic: Rupali


The joyous walk

Yesterday, I went for a walk,to buy groceries, in a nearby store. It was a pleasure to walk in the dusky bask, though I wore a mask.

The evening sun was soothing and the breeze was very cooling. The plants and bushes were cheerfully swinging and swaying to the gentle breezy nudges. The flowers were enjoying the spectacle of heavenly humming birds and their unique flight of moving forward and backwards, the humming of bees and butterflies.

The lantanas had lavishly spread a fantastic,floral carpet for the flying birds. The lantanas look like lovely lanterns , enlightening the environment, with their fiery, sunny shades and hues.. They add a selfless cheer to the monotonous pavements.

It is always a treat, a refreshment, a relaxation, a rejuvenation to be in the midst of Nature. Nature is healing. Whenever I take a walk, I always find something special, something memorable, something meaningful and peaceful, in the creations of Nature.

Salute to Mother Nature!

  • ©️Rupali Gore Lale
  • June 15, 2020
  • Pic: Rupali.

The joyous walk