Krishna, Music and Nature

I feel joyous ,when I listen to music.

The musical journey of listening has some mystic!

The flute sends waves of fleeting peacock feathers , flying and mystifying further ‘ the divinity of Shri Krishna ‘….

The deer and the peacock look endearingly at the musician.

The celestial heavens shower stardust on the meditative music.

The woods look wonderful and woo her wild creatures with her emerald , green charms, woody world and stoic soil. There is always some musical note , being played ,by some animated animal or the other….

The ravishing Rivers , bouncy waterfalls, serene streams, binding brooks flow and keep the life moving….

The pondering , but peaceful ponds ,the laid back lakes , surrounded by blushing ,lush green bushes await the arrival of rains and enjoying the song of the reigning rains!

I see Shri Krishna , smiling affectionately ,in the aesthetic arts of Nature!

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
  • July 23,2020.

Pic- Pinterest

Krishna, Music and Nature

The Peacock Pride

” When I dance, the world dances with joy,
When I flaunt my plumage, artists are inspired to express their aesthetic artwork in pages and other channels…
Traditionally, my feathers were used to write and fill leaves, pages and scrolls,
The Royalty admired me during their leisurely strolls,
Lord Krishna , lovingly adorned me in his divine appearance,
I have charmed many a musicians ,lyricists and singers to create melodious renditions and compositions,
I have enriched the greens and blues with my ‘ Peacock presence!’
Honoured am I to be the National bird of the land of variety- India….
I am an inspiration for rangoli artists and textile designers…
Be it the ‘Paithani’ Saree’s border or Colorful rangoli peacock,I symbolize beauty and grace!
There will be hardly anyone, who has not been mesmerised by me…
I am the Elegant Peacock,
Without showing any peacocky pride,
I am blushing like the bride!”

  • ©️ Rupali Gore Lale
    June 28, 2020.

Pic1 : Rupali

Pic2: Pinterest

The Peacock Pride