Streams of Dreams

I fear to sleep because I fear to dream…

I like flowing in the sparkling stream

Of dreams….

But I fear breaking of dreams…

I fear the pain and sorrow…

I fear lack of gain and  ‘ sad ‘ tomorrow…..

All of a sudden, I see a ray of light,

I see it’s marvellous might…

A tiny light can vanquish darkness…

The way goodness and godliness

Can defeat the bad and the evil…

Hard work, commitment , capabilities, persistence and definitely  ‘luck ‘

Can create success and happiness…

Without feeling ‘stuck’…

Now, I don’t fear to sleep,

Now, I don’t fear to dream…


Streams of Dreams

A Nagging Guilt

I feel a guilt,


The alarm clock loyally sounds itself loudly,


I snooze it coldly and lazily….

I feel a guilt,


I watch a movie based on a book,

Instead of

Reading that book…..

I feel a guilt,


I plan to do ‘ n ‘ number of tasks,


I end up doing ‘ n-n’ number of tasks!

I feel a guilt,


I make the same mistake again…


I feel a lot of pain….

I feel a guilt ,


I forget a person’s name repeatedly,


I have to address that person urgently…..

The guilty mind

Is heavy with baggage,

It fails to be sage….

It would be great to

Remove all the unwanted luggage


The same mind would be on the right guage……









A Nagging Guilt

Sometimes, sometimes….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Life is full of noise,

The same life offers poise…

Sometimes, sometimes,

We love the party,

Someone plays dirty….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Life is a beautiful song,

Sorrow is very long….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Others feel ,we are wasting our time,

We are busy enjoying the wind chimes!

Sometimes, sometimes,

We are very happy,

We are very snappy….

Sometimes, sometimes,

We set a delicious curd,

We are dearly absurd!

Sometimes, sometimes,

We forget the dimes,

We love the limes….

Sometimes, sometimes…

Sometimes, sometimes!






Sometimes, sometimes….

The Adorable but Often Ignored ‘Above’

I am above you,

I can see you ..

You can see me,

But you often ignore me..

I am very beautiful,

Sorry for sounding boastful…

I am magnanimous,

I am famous…

I am a star studded world,

I am a clouded word…

I am so many varied blues,

Even , I don’t have clues…

I reflect beautifully in colourless water,

I rejoice the flying birds’ flap and flutter….

I am the adorable but often ignored ‘ Above ‘,

I am the freedom for birds like ‘Dove’….

I am the generous SKY,

I make many a dreams FLY….


The Adorable but Often Ignored ‘Above’