Sometimes, sometimes….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Life is full of noise,

The same life offers poise…

Sometimes, sometimes,

We love the party,

Someone plays dirty….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Life is a beautiful song,

Sorrow is very long….

Sometimes, sometimes,

Others feel ,we are wasting our time,

We are busy enjoying the wind chimes!

Sometimes, sometimes,

We are very happy,

We are very snappy….

Sometimes, sometimes,

We set a delicious curd,

We are dearly absurd!

Sometimes, sometimes,

We forget the dimes,

We love the limes….

Sometimes, sometimes…

Sometimes, sometimes!






Sometimes, sometimes….

The Adorable but Often Ignored ‘Above’

I am above you,

I can see you ..

You can see me,

But you often ignore me..

I am very beautiful,

Sorry for sounding boastful…

I am magnanimous,

I am famous…

I am a star studded world,

I am a clouded word…

I am so many varied blues,

Even , I don’t have clues…

I reflect beautifully in colourless water,

I rejoice the flying birds’ flap and flutter….

I am the adorable but often ignored ‘ Above ‘,

I am the freedom for birds like ‘Dove’….

I am the generous SKY,

I make many a dreams FLY….


The Adorable but Often Ignored ‘Above’

His Ascent

It was a shimmering sky,

She was sparklingly shy…

The shining stars were glistening,

The marveling moon was listening….

She was standing in the patient patio,

She was waiting for her romantic Romeo….

She sang a song of longing,

She sang a song of belonging…

She saw her love ascending the nearby bridge,

She was shocked and stunned to budge…

She saw him leaving the country,

She was treated by him like sundry…

She was now a lone ranger,

The familiar road was now a stranger…






His Ascent

The Providence of Co-incidence.

Co-incidence seems like a divine Providence,

It’s ingenuity can be bewildering,

It’s occurrence can be stunning…..

Co-incidence is often subjected to many critical assessments,

The event augments ample arguments…

A pleasant Co-incidence is welcomed with a smile,

An unpleasant co- incidence is deleted like an unwanted file…

Co-incidence is like a complementary gift,

Forget it or lift it….

The story of Co-incidence continues,

It moves through many rues…




The Providence of Co-incidence.