In the mysteries of Silhouette

In the mysteries of silhouette,

Are many  a tête à tête….

In the shadows of past,

Are many things lost and last…

In the pages of history,

Are  events , which are gory or glory…

In the days of gloom,

there are hopes of boom and bloom…

In the periods of sorrow,

there is a dream of a joyful ‘tomorrow’…..





In the mysteries of Silhouette

Illusion and Horizon

At times, a horizon

Seems to be an illusion…

Horizon mystifies the mind,

It makes an imagination go wild…

Or it makes the certainty go mild….

Horizon increases the suspense element,

It makes hope lament…

Horizon can be an opportunity,

It can also be a futility….

But, it is important to check what it is…

Instead of just thinking about it!!!


Illusion and Horizon

His Ascent

It was a shimmering sky,

She was sparklingly shy…

The shining stars were glistening,

The marveling moon was listening….

She was standing in the patient patio,

She was waiting for her romantic Romeo….

She sang a song of longing,

She sang a song of belonging…

She saw her love ascending the nearby bridge,

She was shocked and stunned to budge…

She saw him leaving the country,

She was treated by him like sundry…

She was now a lone ranger,

The familiar road was now a stranger…






His Ascent

The Providence of Co-incidence.

Co-incidence seems like a divine Providence,

It’s ingenuity can be bewildering,

It’s occurrence can be stunning…..

Co-incidence is often subjected to many critical assessments,

The event augments ample arguments…

A pleasant Co-incidence is welcomed with a smile,

An unpleasant co- incidence is deleted like an unwanted file…

Co-incidence is like a complementary gift,

Forget it or lift it….

The story of Co-incidence continues,

It moves through many rues…




The Providence of Co-incidence.

Relationships of Dignity.

Many Civilizations have existed, evolved and even exited from the sands of time… But, for thousands of years, there are two relationships which have been there in any Civilization , community, culture,country, they are -motherhood and marriage.

Ideally, there are qualities like nurture, care, love, security, safety, support in motherhood and marriage. Both have stood the test of time. There are three other qualities, which make these relationships work. They are ‘ Communication, Trust and Dignity ‘.

A few verses:

Love without Dignity

Cannot last

For an Eternity….

Love without trust,

Will rust….

Love without Communication

Will be

Without any direction…..



Relationships of Dignity.

The Emphatic Recitations

He wrote beautiful words,

She created wonderful worlds….

He wove fabrics of imagination,

She stitched attires of expression…

He wrote after undertaking research,

Her great ability to recite made the listeners do some soul search…

His work was like a dish,

Her work was like a garnishing of that dish…

They were a great team,

Their work was a flowing stream…

They won the hearts of the young and the old,

They still had many stories to be told…..

The duo had struck gold,

Their admirers also waited for their stories to unfold….





The Emphatic Recitations