Backstabber – an Acrostic poem

Breaker of trust

Acidious behaviour

Creating trouble for the victim

Kindness deprived by him

Stunting the harmony

Terrorizing humanity

Actor par excellence

Bringing a shame to goodness

Bucketful of badness

Endangering righteousness

Rhyming of faith is distorted by a backstabber. – Rupali Gore Lale


Backstabber – an Acrostic poem

The fields of existence

Title – The fields of existence layers of love for the land alleviate patriotism , the alluvial productivity celebrates a mysticism ,

drenched in the spring showers ,

a hope sows in the seeds

,charmed by the sun and the air ,

the sunbaked fields and roads feel the heat , the zameen nurtures the growth of crops and life ,

the saplings shimmer in the sunny soil

from the grains of the fields to the oven cooked cake on the plate ,

food and farming facilitate a sustenance of living ,

be it a palace or a humble dwelling

the stomach knows the longing of the precious morsels of food .

In spite of the fragility and the uncertainty , life shapes into a reality .

– Rupali Gore Lale©2022

  • zameen – land in Hindi or Urdu

April is the National Poetry Writing Month .

This was my poem for Day 1 of #napowrimo #napowrimo2022

The fields of existence

The Kulfiwala

Title – The kulfiwala There are many tales and memories of the entrepreneurial nature of Mumbai . The street hawkers and pedlars selling a variety of wares enrich our city with their presence. They make goods available and offer a convenience to the people of the city. One such example is the ‘ Kulfiwala ‘ . ‘ Kulfieeee ….’ the peculiar pronunciation of ‘ kulfi ‘ was an announcement of the arrival of ‘ the kulfiwala – the kulfi seller ‘ of a delicious dessert , in the neighborhood The white lehenga , white or off-white or any light colored shirt ,accompanied with a white topi was an informal ,unspoken uniform of the kulfiwala .The basket of kulfi – used to be a jute or a cane basket . It contained a utensil ,which stocked cone shaped steel or aluminum kulfi moulds and other cutlery. The kulfi basket used to be covered with a plain cotton red cloth . The red cloth used to be damp . The kulfiwala either carried the basket on his head or he used to pedal the basket on a bicycle.Even from a distance, on the roads or from our apartments , the precious red basket used to be visible . My memories date back to my childhood, in the eighties and nineties . The kulfiwala used to come to our neighborhood , once in a fortnight ,in the early evening. I would be playing with my friends. We would run and tell him to wait for us and we would rush to our homes . From my piggy bank , I would remove few coins of my pocket money and run fast . The kulfiwala would be patiently waiting for us . He would open the kulfi mould from the icebox , insert a stick in the centre of the kulfi and remove it from the mould, without any delay . The kulfiwala would hand over the light cream coloured Malai kulfi to us and put the coins in his pocket. We would thank him and carefully eat the delicacy ,ensuring not to waste even a drop of it! Every bite was a treasure and was savoured. In addition to the Malai flavour ,the kulfi was available in pista and kesar pista flavours . The taste of kulfi is so divine . The cool kulfi , it’s creamy thickness and the sugary sweetness melt in the mouth effortlessly ,but it’s taste lingers for a long time . Those moments of eating are so engrossing and relaxing . The shops of kulfi also emerged with time and were well received by Mumbai , but the kulfiwala carrying the cool kulfi in crimson cloth covered basket , travelling long distances on the streets of Mumbai ,will be a unique image frozen in the cold storage of nostalgia , for many Mumbaikars.

– ©Rupali Gore Lale

March 25, 2022

The Kulfiwala

Colours celebrate

Title – Colours celebrate

A world witnesses a splash of colours,

the glory of gulal removes the grimness .

pink blushes cheeks ,

green is a serene gem ,

blue banishes dullness ,

yellow yells for attention ,

red roars with rage ,

grey is the mind clouded with doubt ,

black and white are the gistful chroma ,

purple celebrates grandeur ,

violet wishes for real fantasies ,

orange is the active onomatopoeia of colours,

brown is the eversmiling earthiness .

Colours simplify the complexities ,

colours blend and merge sans any ego ,

colours sparkle commencements ,

colours condense closures ,

colours praise progress ,

they are a treasure , to cherish .

Be it Holi or Rangoli of Diwali , both celebrate life ,

The gulal celebrates messiness ,

the rangoli powder celebrates orderliness. Festivals unite people , they topple rigidity . – Rupali Gore Lale©2022

Colours celebrate

Flamingo fun

Title – Flamingo fun

The turquoise background is a calendula calm ,

the pink flamingo is a majestic reality ,

it looks like a fairytale fantasy,

the fun on the sea has to be seen ,

it adds a tinsel of teen to the fast paced middle age .

It makes you feel youthful and charming ,

the aquamarine sheen is calling ,

the heart for an unfiltered , genuine joy ,on the beach , for a flamingo fun .

poem and painting by Rupali Gore Lale©2022

Flamingo fun

The Emerald Esperanza

Title – The Emerald Esperanza

A pause stabilizes the chaos ,

the mind is a home ,

which deserves a declutter ,

there are some unanswered questions ,

they are bound together and clustered ,in some remote corner , lightless .

To search for answers from the wells within ,in moments of silence and meditation , begins a journey of the mystical mind , in the materialistic world .

A verdant verandah is the calendula , in this home , where thoughts are lined up to perform tasks .

A mandala of the cosmos is embedded within the conscious and the subconscious , it has to be tapped and coloured with introspection and analysis like stained glass art .

A mosaic of patterns will bask in the enlightenment , leading to a calmness .

The mind will experience an emerald esperanza.

– Rupali Gore


February 17, 2022

The Emerald Esperanza

The dance of efforts

I refuse to be suppressed ,
I am ready to be freed .
From now , I am the master of my destiny ,
at least I will stop being a mute witness ,
I will seek to channelize and harness
the flow of my energy ,
with no room for any lethargy .

My individuality is not a liability ,
but a movement of grace ,
which my life will embrace .

Grey clouds of threats may hover around me ,
but my confidence will surround me ,
My diligence and intelligence will be my saviours ,
The calmess of Himalayas will be my demeanour ,

Victory will felicitate me ,
divinity will bless me ,
it is not the horse of pride , that I ride ,
it is a vehicle of ambition , that I drive ,

The music of success will inspire me to tap ,
the dance of efforts , within me .

  • Rupali Gore Lale

The dance of efforts