An innocent baby’s Conundrum

Conundrum- a difficult problem to solve , a riddle are the dictionary meanings of the word. What an appealing word! I could hear the drums of noisy , thoughts with its pronunciation.

A baby’s conundrum:

1) Why do these elders think , I like only cartoons and nursery rhymes? (I also like Salman Khan and Manisha Koirala of Bollywood , Sylvester Stallone and Meryl Streep of Hollywood- eye candies!!!)

2) Why do these elders think I am sleepy, if I yawn? ( I can also yawn because of their boring banter…..)

3) Why do these elders think I have to wear mittens, gloves, sweaters and every possible woolen they can lay their hands on? ( I ask them sheepishly)

4) Why do these elders think I should be served super soft food, even if I have some Calcium symbols ( Teeth ) to flaunt? ( There has to be some Crispiness in life)

5) Why do these elders think I don’t understand their complex talks? ( They can be very stupid and immature as well)

6) Why do these elders smile and nod ,as if they have understood everything during my baby talk ? (when I am actually telling them to mind their business and give me some space… )

7) Why do these elders take me to be pricked?( Those Vaccines …Oops…Painful memories)

8) Why do these elders…..šŸ¤”

The baby conundrum continues….

Bye for now,

Innocent Baby šŸ˜‡


An innocent baby’s Conundrum

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